Top 5 Tips for Finding Affordable Storage in Calgary

Finding storage units Calgary might seem challenging, especially when you're outgrowing your at-home storage space or business storage. While not all storage facilities offer the same high-quality features, it's essential to find a balance between reasonable storage pricing and amenities as a renter. Luckily, that's where Bluebird Self Storage can help!

Our storage facility in Calgary believes in providing customers with the best storage solutions for their needs. We understand that finding an affordable price point for storage in Calgary is necessary for many customers. That's why we're sharing our essential tips for finding storage in Calgary without compromising on crucial features. At Bluebird, it's possible to find a storage unit that meets your needs and budget!

With a bit of research and creativity, you can find storage that's the perfect fit. Let's discuss affordable self-storage in Calgary and why it's essential to have a storage unit!

Why Rent Self-Storage Units?

To many, a self-storage unit might seem unnecessary. Why pay for a storage unit when you already have closet space, a basement, an attic, or a nearby solution? The answer is simple - because these at-home solutions don't provide the same protection or space as a storage facility.

In Calgary, AB, storage facilities offer moving amenities, facility features, and space that your basement or attic doesn't have. For instance, climate control or temperature control is a great feature many people want to protect their family heirlooms or fragile items. But, an unfinished basement or attic doesn't have this type of climate control regulation.

Plus, you are confined to the current square footage available in your home or basement with at-home storage. If you have too many possessions or items that are bulky and difficult to move, you'll likely need more space. This is where a storage unit comes in - they offer the extra space you need for long-term or seasonal storage!

A Calgary storage unit is the perfect storage solution for many because of its additional features and accommodating amenities. As tempting as at-home storage or business storage is, the reality is that this isn't a viable solution for many.

If you're a business owner in Calgary, AB, renting storage is a smart solution for organizing inventory, documents, records, or office equipment. For situations like moving into a new home or reorganizing a storage space, storage units in Calgary are the perfect place to safeguard your stuff.

While it's easy to claim that at-home storage space is suitable for long-term needs, the reality is that not all storage solutions are the same. Storage units in Calgary, AB, are the best solution for those who need reliable self-storage near them.

Now that we've discussed the importance of self-storage units let's discuss how to find a suitable storage unit at an affordable price point in Calgary.

How to Find Affordable Storage Calgary

Choosing a unit might feel daunting for those just starting on their self-storage journey. After all, there are many storage companies in Calgary, AB, to choose from! Not only will you have to consider the company, but it's important to consider different storage features before renting a unit. So, how do you make sure you're getting the best value without compromising on quality? By understanding your storage needs before renting a unit.

At Bluebird Self Storage, we're a storage company that believes in providing reasonable self-storage pricing for our services. Here, what you see is what you get, from our spacious unit sizes to helpful moving amenities! Our top-tier customer service, unit features, and modern facility make us unique compared to other local Calgary facilities. Our prices reflect the high-quality experience and unique approach we take to serve our customers better.

Here are five essential tips for finding the best storage solution in Calgary as you begin your search.

Know Your Storage Needs

The first step to affordable storage is understanding what type of storage you need. Why? Without understanding your self-storage needs, it's hard to find the best option for your budget.

Before selecting a unit, take some time to ask yourself essential storage questions. This includes understanding the size of the unit you'll require, the duration of your rental, and the items you plan on storing.

Once you have this information, you can start looking at storage units that will easily accommodate your things. If you're storing seasonal items or equipment, a smaller unit like a 5 x 5 or 5 x 10 might be all you need. However, if you're planning on storing furniture or business inventory, a larger space like a 10 x 20 might be required. 

No matter what type of storage solution you need, Bluebird is here to help find storage solutions that work for you. Explore our storage unit size guide for more help finding the right storage unit.

Storage Unit Amenities

During your search for the right storage unit, take a look at each storage facility's different amenities and features. Certain places will offer climate-controlled storage, or even heated storage, which is ideal for precious items. Ask yourself several self-storage questions while shopping for your storage unit

If you need more accessibility on moving day, an indoor unloading bay or secure area to move-in possessions is a must for your storage facility! Otherwise, it might be challenging to unload your stuff and carry it from your car or moving truck.

At Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary, our facility has temperature-controlled storage units, an indoor unloading area, and a loading dock! It's easier to protect your possessions during their stay and have the best moving experience possible.

Consider what type of features you need for your belongings before selecting. Our team is more than happy to help if you need any assistance!

Get Recommendations and Read Reviews

If you know anyone who's used self-storage in Calgary in the past, ask for recommendations! This will give you an insight into their storage experience and whether or not they would recommend the company. Not every company values a customer's price point or experiences the same way, so asking friends, family, or even coworkers about their experience with local self-storage facilities is essential.

You can also check out online reviews to see what others are saying about various storage companies in Calgary. At Bluebird Self Storage, we believe in offering superior customer service in addition to our range of storage units. Our customer reviews reflect our dedication to providing affordable and convenient storage solutions in Calgary.

Think Through the Storage Budget

After considering your storage needs, look at your overall self-storage budget. This includes understanding unit pricing, current promotions, and whether or not you need insurance for your belongings.

The price point of a storage unit is an essential factor when it comes to affordable storage in Calgary. But beware! This doesn't mean you should compromise and shop for 'cheap' storage units that don't check off all your storage necessities, You'll want to find a balance of affordability and convenience.

When it comes to storage prices in Calgary, Bluebird Self Storage offers affordable storage solutions for everyone!

Look for Facility Promotions

Before choosing a facility, see what kind of promotions they offer. For some, this might be an excellent way to gauge the pricing transparency of the facility. However, it's essential to note that not all facility promotions were made equal. A first month free or other high reward discounts might change their pricing tactics a few months into your rental agreement. Be sure to ask the right questions before committing to a self-storage unit in Calgary.

At Bluebird, we believe in delivering high-quality service that matches our pricing. While we also offer a wide range of monthly promotions that make it easy to save on your rental, your monthly rent is locked in for an entire year, which means you won't have to think twice about the price of your unit for the rest of your stay. To learn more, explore Bluebird's Full Value Pricing Policy

Why Choose Self Storage Calgary?

Finding affordable storage in Calgary might seem daunting at first glance, but the reality is that there is a way to find reasonable storage rates and get the amenities you need! Our storage facility in Calgary is the solution you've been waiting for.

We understand that not everyone's needs are the same regarding self-storage in Calgary. That's why we offer a wide variety of unit sizes! We have small, medium, and large storage units available and climate control units for customers.

When you choose Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary, you're not just storing your stuff. You are working with a facility that cares about the integrity of your belongings. We believe in finding a balance between affordable storage in Calgary and incredible features. Rest assured, you're making a great choice for yourself and your stuff.

Ready to reserve an affordable storage unit in Calgary? Click here to rent or reserve your perfect unit! Have other questions you need to be answered before moving into your storage unit explore our Frequently Asked Questions!