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Learn about our Partnership with Shelter Movers. 

At Bluebird, we’re a company that strongly believes in supporting the communities we operate in. Because community involvement is a core value of our business, we wanted to share more about our significant partnership with Shelter Movers.

Shelter Movers is a non-profit organization that provides survivor-centered no cost moving and storage services to women and children who are fleeing violence or abuse. Shelter Movers make moving and storage arrangements on behalf of their clients, so they can live in a safer environment, and begin a new chapter in their life. 

Through our partnership, clients of Shelter Movers are able to store their possessions at Bluebird facilities. Our team will provide storage units to Shelter Movers across Canada so survivors can house their belongings at absolutely no cost. Rather than worry about their belongings, their clients can instead focus on what matters – transitioning into a new life.

As a company, Bluebird Self Storage’s mission is to go beyond storage. We’re here to provide valuable services to individuals in our community, no matter the circumstance. To us, it’s not just your stuff – it’s your life.

Watch the Bluebird and Shelter Movers partnership Story Below

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