Understanding Self Storage Units

Whether you’re moving to a new home or a business trying to declutter your office space, one thing is certain. You need a reliable storage solution to keep your possessions safe – and nothing gets the job done like a self storage unit.

However, not every storage unit is the same. Some storage units are designed for housewares and furniture, while others can fit RVs or large vehicles. Before you start packing, consider your storage facility requirements. What unit size is best for your belongings or business? Do you need a climate-controlled storage unit to preserve any antiques or memorabilia?

As you can see, there is plenty more to selecting a storage unit than what meets the eye – but that’s where our team of experts can assist. At Bluebird Self Storage, you don’t have to find the answers on your own. The second you choose to store with Bluebird Self Storage, your belongings become our business. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the world of self storage, explain essential storage standards, and select what type of storage unit suits your situation.

In our eyes, your possessions deserve the best. That’s why Bluebird Self Storage is here to support you, your family, and your business for every milestone. To us, IT’S NOT JUST YOUR STUFF – IT’S YOUR LIFE.™

What is Self Storage?

Before we dive into the basic self storage standards, we want to address a common question – what is self storage?

In many ways, a self storage unit is an extension of your home. It’s a unit space designed to store your personal or business items, sometimes in a temperature-controlled environment. You can rent the unit for up to a year, providing peace of mind that your items are in one secure location.

Unlike a full-service facility, which packs, moves, and unloads your possessions for you, self storage gives individuals a chance to pack their belongings how they see fit. Once they’re stored, these items can still be accessed by the tenant. For instance, if you’re using a storage unit for your business and need to view your inventory or records, you can return to your unit and quickly locate these records.

At Bluebird, we tailor our storage facilities to be secure, incredibly clean, and 100% convenient. You’ll have the ability to visit your belongings or add items to your unit.

Setting Self Storage Standards

If you’re new to the world of self storage, we have good news – you’re not alone! Plenty of people don’t consider self storage until a personal or professional need arises. In these moments, self storage units offer the protection and peace of mind you need.

Secure self storage is a safe, convenient solution to several storage problems and can ease any life situation’s stress and strain. Storage for rent is ideal for any of the following:


Home Renovations

Business Use

Vehicle Storage

Life Events

Whatever your reason, self storage is there to simplify the more exciting or complicated moments in your life.

However, not all storage for rent is designed to provide the best protection. If you’re only searching for affordable storage near you, your belongings won’t be left in the best care. A facility that capitalizes on low rates typically means it’s too good to be true.

At Bluebird, every one of our self storage facilities is one of a kind, but we hold them all to the same standards. Those include:

Superior Customer Service

Clean, Bright, and Spacious Units

Flexible Hours and Amenities

Transparent Pricing

Variety of Unheated, Heated, and Climate-Controlled Units

That said, everyone has different needs when it comes to self storage. Luckily, every Bluebird facility offers something unique to our customers. Looking for a place to store your RV or boat for the winter? Our Chestermere, Alberta location has a wide variety of units available. Need to unload in a hurry? The Calgary, Alberta drive-through unloading station is perfect for expedited packing and storage. If you need a facility to accommodate your growing business, our Saint Laurent, Montreal (Henri-Bourassa) location is excellent for storing commercial and promotional items.

Discover the Bluebird Difference

At Bluebird, we believe that self storage facilities should do more than store your stuff. Every Bluebird Self Storage facility is designed to act with integrity and intent to empower our customers. Renting a storage facility should be a valuable, hassle-free experience because you deserve nothing less than the best. Other facilities might pick and choose what matters most, but every high-quality feature counts to us.

Our Bluebird Self Storage standards include the following:

No Rent Increases for 365 Days

At Bluebird, we value your dollar and your trust. Part of earning your trust means we keep our prices honest – that's why we won't raise your rent for at least 365 days from your move-in date.

Full Month's Value

At Bluebird, in addition to our locked-in rent prices, we base our rates on a full month's service, not 28-day billing cycles. Here, you pay one price once a month for one year because we value our customers.

Protecting Your Possessions

Your belongings are important to us, which is why we equip our facilities with high-tech security, such as security cameras, keypad codes, and motion sensor lighting.

Virtual Tours & Contact-Free Rentals

Between work, family, and juggling a move, it can be challenging to book, tour, or visit our storage facilities. We understand your time is valuable. Our goal is to make your rental experience comfortable and convenient at Bluebird, so you can spend your time doing what matters.

Speak Directly to Our Friendly, Local Bluebird Staff Members

When you choose one of our storage facilities, you'll speak directly to our friendly, local staff, who cares about your storage experience as much as you do!

To us, self storage units are more than space for homeowners and business owners to store their stuff. It's keeping track of what matters most in your life, whether it's a photo album or records of your first sale. Self storage facilities give people the flexibility to store whatever they want, whenever they need.

There’s no better time to learn about The Bluebird Difference.

Your home is a place where memories are made, but do you have the space to store all your favorite keepsakes? What about your favorite holiday decorations and seasonal items? Unless you plan on finishing your basement or attic, chances are you’re always searching for that extra space and just don’t have the room.

While it’s tempting to keep everything stored in your basement or attic, these aren’t the safest places to keep your belongings. Unfinished basements and attics are prone to leaks, extreme temperature fluctuations, and sometimes those unwanted pests. Instead of placing your favorite decorations or photo albums in these damp, dark environments, it’s time to think outside the box – and that’s where our household storage units provide the perfect solution.

Our household storage facilities are designed to help homeowners protect their belongings no matter the circumstance. Household storage is perfect for:

  • Moving
  • Home Renovations
  • Decluttering and Organization
  • Seasonal Items
  • Sentimentals and Keepsakes
  • Appliances

Whether you need a little extra room, are placing your home on the market, or are about to tackle a lengthy home reno, our units are ideal for household storage.

The best part? Every Bluebird location offers a dynamic array of features that cater to your household storage needs. If you need a climate-controlled storage unit, several of our facilities provide the heating or air your unfinished basement does not! Plus, all of our facilities’ state-of-the-art security technology means your belongings are being cared for 24/7. Our household storage facilities provide the peace of mind you need and guarantee your home has plenty of space.

Need to find the perfect household storage unit? Our Storage Unit Size Guide can help you find what you need.

Moving Storage

It's no secret that life can become a little bit stressful when it's time to move. Closing your home, signing dozens of official documents – every step is essential! However, once all the paperwork is complete, you're left with the biggest chore: packing your belongings and wondering where to put them. If you're waiting for your house to close and need a safe place to keep your furniture and appliances, nothing does the job like a moving storage unit.

Benefits of Moving Storage Units

While there's no such thing as an easy move, there is a simpler solution to moving storage: a Bluebird storage unit. Our range of storage unit sizes and facilities means your belongings are bound to get the protection and TLC they deserve during your move. Whether you're moving across the country or a few miles down the road, our self storage facilities are here to ensure your belongings stay put until you're ready to move in.

At Bluebird, we understand that every move is different. Some of you might need a storage unit while you wait to close on your new home, while others need self storage for months at a time, thanks to ongoing home renovations. While it's tempting to rent a moving pod during this time, pods don't offer climate control or additional security like a self storage facility does. Plus, who wants to stare at a moving pod sitting on the lawn for months at a time?

In these situations, secure self storage is the solution you need to keep everything you care about in one location. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and selection of climate-controlled storage units, our self storage facilities provide the protection you need. Plus, our storage facility staff stays until 6 pm on weekdays, so you can drop a load after work and ask any questions. Self storage facilities offer the flexibility and protection you've been looking for at a more reasonable price than a traditional moving pod.

Bluebird has your back if you're looking for a more straightforward way to store your homewares. Our moving storage units are designed to keep things simple and highly secure.

Curious how to approach the big move? Take a look at our Pro's Guide to Moving and Storage.

Business Storage

Have you ever felt like your office is over-cluttered or struggled to remember where you placed critical records or documents? You need an extra place to store all your stuff in those moments, and nothing does the job like a business storage unit.

When to use Business Self Storage

As a business owner or employee, every industry has its challenges. One of the biggest? Floor space. Having a functional office is hard if you’re wasting valuable square footage on excessive inventory or equipment. Instead of cutting back on product demands or wondering where to store vital documentation, a secure self storage unit offers business owners a long-term storage solution. A business storage unit is the perfect solution for businesses that need the following:

Seasonal Storage

Our storage facilities can keep excessive supplies from cluttering your office if you have a backlog of seasonal products, merchandise, or decor.

Inventory Storage

Not all inventory goes on the floor right away. Secure self storage units are a great place to store products, accessories, and other inventory items until you have the floor space.

Record Storage

Keeping old records at work just creates clutter, but there’s no way you can throw them out. A storage unit keeps these items secure, out of sight, and out of mind. Some of our facilities are climate controlled, helping your documents stay in pristine condition.

Renovation & Moving Storage

If you’re renovating your office or changing locations, your spare furniture and decor will stay safe at our facilities.

Equipment & Machinery Storage

Sometimes, the job calls for equipment or machinery. We can store printers, computers, appliances, and other equipment at our storage facilities.

Supplies or Merchandising Storage

Everyone loves merchandise, but extra pens, paper, and t-shirts don’t need to stay in your office. A small unit will keep your supplies safe and secure.

Benefits of Business Storage Solutions

At Bluebird, we offer business owners a high-value self storage solution with fully transparent pricing. Depending on your business’s storage requirements and desired unit features, our team can easily find the right-sized self storage unit. Once you select your choice unit, we’ll provide you with an honest monthly rating that you can expect for the following year. Plus, we stick to a 12-month billing cycle, so you won’t pay additional fees. We also provide our business customers with additional services, such as:

  • Accepting mail and packages
  • Individual storage codes for employees
  • Complementary boardroom rentals at individual storage facilities

As you can see, business self storage provides a long term solution for companies big and small.

Vehicle Storage and Parking

All too often, we use our garage as a multi-purpose space. It becomes a workout facility or workshop and in time, can’t hold more than one car. If you need additional room in your garage and don’t use all of your vehicles regularly, vehicle storage near you is the perfect solution.

At Bluebird, we offer our customers a variety of vehicle storage options: indoor vehicle storage, outdoor vehicle, and RV parking, as well as indoor winter parking!

Our indoor vehicle storage stores your car in our facility year-round, so you can have peace of mind that your work truck or family car is protected until you need it again.

Our outdoor vehicle parking keeps your additional cars or recreational vehicles from taking up space at home. If you need a place to park your vehicle until you need it again, our outdoor vehicle parking lots are a great place to store your car until you’re ready to take it for a spin! It’s a convenient way to keep your driveway and garage accessible.

However, if you’re someone who’s trying to keep your car protected from the winter cold, our indoor winter parking is ideal for your needs. Based on our unit occupancy, we have a select number of units available for winter vehicle storage, so your car can stay in a regulated environment during the harsher months of the year. We offer this feature at select Bluebird locations depending on the current occupancy, so be sure to ask your local Bluebird storage facility if this feature is currently available!

Vehicle storage offers a secure location to place your car in park. The best part is that you can come by and give it a spin whenever you want. Self storage facilities are perfect for vehicles storage for several reasons, including:

Storing Old or High-Valued Cars

If you have an older car or something you like to drive occasionally, vehicle storage is a smart way to keep your car safe from the elements without it sitting in the garage. Plus, our climate-controlled storage units will help keep your car in excellent condition.

Storing a Bonus Vehicle

If you have a family car or extra vehicle you use once in a while, keep it safe at a self storage facility.

Work Vehicle

Have a work car or truck you only use on certain occasions? It can stay safe at our facility until you need it on the job.

Short or Extended Trips

Going out of town and don’t want to leave your car at the airport? A storage unit offers some additional protection those lots do not, and it will be ready and waiting for you when you get back!

Select Bluebird self storage facilities offer vehicle storage, so your car can stay safe in your absence. We do ask for proof of insurance and registration before storing any cars, trucks, or trailers.

  • Accepting mail and packages
  • Individual storage codes for employees
  • Complementary boardroom rentals at individual storage facilities

Ready to store your vehicle? Explore our Storage Units to find a storage facility near you!

RV Parking

Taking trips in RVs, campers, and air streams can be quite the adventure, but once you’re off-road, your RV usually just takes up space. It leaves you wondering exactly where you’re going to put it.

RV parking facilities provide the perfect solution for you and the RV. A storage facility with RV parking offers a number of possibilities to store RV’s of various sizes.

Possible Fines

Not all neighborhoods are okay with an RV parked on the street. You might get complaints or end up being fined by the HOA or local authorities. A storage facility can keep your RV safe and prevent any unwanted fines.

Losing Driveway Space

The biggest issue with an RV is how big it is, and when it sits in the driveway, you lose valuable space for your car. Plus, it’s not the best view. A self storage facility means you don’t lose that valuable space in your driveway.

Our Chestermere, Alberta self storage facility offers RV parking units, so if you’ve been looking for an RV storage facility, we have you covered.

Boat Parking

There’s nothing better than using a boat, kayak, or jet ski during the summer months, but once the season’s over, you have to find a place to put them. As tempting as it might be to let it sit in the driveway or even the backyard, that’s not offering your boat the best protection. Boat parking provides the perfect solution to your dilemma—your boat stays safe, and it doesn’t become a lawn ornament!

Boat parking and water device parking is a great way to protect your investment and keep it off your property. Bluebird’s self storage units are perfect for:


Need to make room in your garage? Store your canoes, kayaks, and rafts for a convenient solution. 


Our boat parking facilities can give your boat the protection it needs without it sitting in the driveway.

Jet Skis

Keeping your jet ski in pristine condition is crucial for its performance.

If you want to learn more about our boat storage unit rentals, explore the Chestermere, Alberta self storage facility location.

Self Storage Supplies

Before you can move everything into your storage unit, there’s one task that must be done first—packing. At Bluebird, we understand that packing is a time-consuming process. We value your time and understand that moving and storing your belongings can become stressful. That’s why we offer various moving supplies to make the process a little bit easier.

Depending on the type of storage you need, you might not require moving supplies. However, most household storage, business storage, and moving storage require a few essential moving items. Every Bluebird self storage facility carries moving supplies, so you can get what you need ahead of time. If you don’t have time to shop at our facilities, you can order your boxes and moving supplies beforehand, and we will have your items ready for curbside pickup at your convenience. We carry the following moving and packing supplies:


We carry small, medium, large, and extra-large boxes.


Keeps boxes tightly sealed the entire time you’re in storage.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is excellent for protecting glassware or delicate items.

Packing Paper

It helps keep everything tightly packed.

Mattress & Furniture Covers

Protect against any dirt or moisture entering your mattress or furniture.


Need a lock to keep your items safe? Bluebird has you covered with multiple secure options.

Find the perfect unit for your upcoming move!

Once you have all the right packing supplies, you can jumpstart your move with total peace of mind! For more tips on how to pack like the pros, review our Ultimate Guide to Self Storage! When it comes to self storage, Bluebird has your back.