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Discover the Benefits of a Bluebird Outdoor Boat Storage Facility

Keep Your Boat Safe During the Off-Season

Boating season is a time filled with fun, laughter, and explorations on the water. But, all too soon, that season ends, leaving you with one question: where are you going to store your boat?

While marina storage can be highly convenient for boaters, it usually leads to high wait times and unreasonable costs for you. Finding a secure place to keep your boat during the winter months is easier said than done.

Instead of trying to find a marina that can store your boat or placing it in the garage or driveway, why not keep your boat at a secure and affordable storage facility that can monitor its safety until the spring? At Bluebird Self Storage, we believe in offering our customers reliable boat storage during the off-season. That’s why we offer secure outdoor boat storage at several of our storage facilities! Together we can keep your boat in pristine condition all winter long.

Now, you can stop searching for boat storage near you. Instead, keep your boat at one of our facilities

Why Choose Self Storage for Your Boat?

As much fun as your boat can be during the year, it’s hard to find reliable boat storage once the season is over. Rather than trying to find a place to store your boating equipment at home, it’s time to make the most of local storage facilities! At Bluebird, we have locations throughout Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, capable of keeping your boat secure during those harsh winter months.

Curious why a boat storage facility is the best solution for winter storage? Our boat parking helps provide the following:

  • Save Space at Home
      • Rather than try to keep your boat stored in a driveway or garage, a self-storage facility provides the freedom and flexibility to store essential items at home rather than lose that vital storage space for half the year. Your garage and driveway can remain yours all year long!
  • Keep Pricing Reasonable
      • Every storage situation is different, but at Bluebird Self Storage, we try to prioritize our customers’ storage needs by providing reasonable storage space at an affordable price. We understand that finding a space accommodating enough for your boat can be difficult and sometimes expensive. That’s why we do our best to provide the best affordable boat storage near you! Explore our Storage Locator to see which facilities can store your boat during the off-season.
  • Keep Your Boast Accessible
      • Unlike at-home storage or marina storage, a self-storage facility offers the space, protection, and convenience you need to use your boat. Our outdoor lots are designed to be accessible year-round, so when you decide it’s time to hit the water again, you can easily use your boat. Our outdoor facilities are also ideal for boat trailer storage so that you can keep all your outdoor items together during the winter months.

Instead of searching for boat storage year after year, our outdoor boat storage facilities are ideal for keeping it safe through the coldest weather conditions. Plus, our secure storage units are great for protecting additional outdoor recreational items and watercraft like jet skis and kayaks.

How to Prep Your Boat for Storage

Before winterizing your boat for the season, there are a few essential steps you can complete to help prepare and protect your boat during storage. During the harsh winter cold, your boat is at greater risk of corrosion or possible water damage. However, protecting your boat against the harsher months of the year is manageable with the proper precautions.

  • Exterior
      • Wash the exterior of your boat if you’ve used it in salt water to keep away salt water residue.
      • Wax the entirety of your boat to help keep away rust or exterior damage during the winter. It also helps keep the shine and color throughout the climate changes.
      • Cover the exposed interior of your boat with a protective cover and secure it to the appropriate outside attachments.


  • Engine
      • Flush out the engine and coolant system, and replace any coolant with antifreeze to help protect the engine during the harsh cold weather.
      • Change the fuel, oil, and filters within your boat to be ready to go for the following season.
      • Read your owner’s manual to see if you need to take other necessary precautions before placing your boat in storage.


  • Interior
      • The interior of your boat needs to be cleaned thoroughly before being placed into storage. Start by vacuuming the interior of your boat, then wipe down the rest.
      • Remove any unnecessary fabric or canvas that could be exposed to the elements.
      • Have moisture absorbents throughout the cabin of your boat to help prevent any mold or moisture build-up throughout the seasonal changes.
      • Remove any unnecessary items, like food, electronics, toys, or personal items. They could be compromised during storage, so it’s best to keep these items close by.

Once all of the following steps are taken, your boat will be ready for any one of our outdoor boat storage facilities! At Bluebird Self Storage, we take safeguarding your stuff very seriously. That’s why we want to ensure your boat and other belongings are ready to stay in our facilities for the upcoming season.

Curious about what else we can store at our facilities? Our locations offer a wide range of services, including vehicle and RV storage! Now, you can keep all of your recreational vehicles in one secure location. 

Explore our Outdoor Boat Storage Facilities

Are you ready to dock your boat for the season? If so, make our boat storage facilities your destination! Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to monitor and protect your boat in your absence; thanks to our 24/7 security monitoring and gated areas, you can have peace of mind that your boat is safe during the season. As part of our Bluebird Difference, you can always count on our transparent pricing, reliable customer service, and universal amenities to keep your moving and storage experience seamless from start to finish. When you choose Bluebird Self Storage, you can always count on us to safeguard your stuff.


Want to help maximize your storage space? Take a look at the Ultimate Packing & Storage Guide for more storage tips!

Find a Storage Unit Near You

Let's find space for you!

Find a Storage Unit Near You

Let's find space for you!

Website Icons Easily Switch Sizes | Bluebird Self Storage

Easily Switch Sizes

Need a larger size? Don’t worry! If you’ve rented or reserved a unit online and realize that you need a different size, we’ll help you switch size quickly and easily.

Website Icons Full Month's Value | Bluebird Self Storage

Full Month’s Value

At Bluebird, we believe that every great relationship starts with honesty, and for us, honesty means providing you with a full month’s value of storage. Many self-storage facilities pull what’s called the ‘four-week sneak’, meaning they charge you on a four-week cycle instead of basing their rates on a full month. This means you’ll end up paying 13 times per year instead of 12 – that’s 8.33% more! At Bluebird, in addition to our locked-in rent prices, we base our rates on a full month’s service, not 28-day billing cycles. Here, you pay one price, once a month, for one year, because we value our customers. Your Bluebird experience includes valuable amenities and 100% transparent pricing from the start.

Website Icons 7 Day Risk Free Trial | Bluebird Self Storage

7 Day Risk Free Trial

Aren’t sure if we’re your perfect match? If you are not completely satisfied within seven days after moving in, we will refund 100% of your rent and administrative fees. Plus, we won’t force you to sign any long-term agreements so that you can up-size or down-size to the unit you need at any time. Here, what you see is what you pay for.

Website Icons No Rent Increase | Bluebird Self Storage

No Rent Increases For 365 Days

Too many storage facilities offer outrageously low introductory (teaser) rates, enticing customers to choose their facility, only to increase rent every 3-6 months. Many facilities offer these below market prices, just so they can secure the sale – but don’t actually plan on locking in these rates. These bait and switch tactics end up costing you more money in the long run, and in our eyes, that’s just downright dishonest and unfair.

At Bluebird, we value your dollar and your trust. Part of earning your trust means we keep our prices honest – that’s why we won’t raise your rent for at least 365 days from your move-in date. That’s right, you’ll have the same price for a full year’s worth of storage because that’s exactly what you signed up for! At Bluebird, we believe in being consistent with our pricing so you always know what to expect every month. Also, being upfront about our pricing is the right thing to do! With Bluebird, there’s no dupes, fine print, or miscommunication about pricing – you can count on your rent being consistent for a full 365 days. We don’t view you as a transaction, we view you as a valued relationship.

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