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About Bluebird Storage

Bluebird Self Storage delivers premiere self-storage services throughout Canada. All of our facilities are designed for optimal security and safety, built to give you peace of mind. We offer a full range of storage unit sizes with true climate control, state-of-the-art security with multiple security cameras, and personal access codes to protect your belongings. Plus, with Bluebird Self Storage, there will be no rent increases for 365 days and you’ll get a full month’s value.  

Exterior of self storage facility at daybreak, with empty parking lot and drive through unloading bay doors.

Every aspect of your interaction with us, whether it’s in person, or via phone or internet, focuses on simplifying self storage. Our staff of highly trained storage professionals will assist you in finding a solution that best fits your requirements. Learn more about the Bluebird Difference or contact us today to learn more about our self storage facilities!    

Open loading area entrance at a storage facility, with drive up units.

Mission Statement

Bluebird Self Storage is committed to providing the best storage experience in Canada. Customers who store with Bluebird receive access to unprecedented high quality facilities, convenient locations, superior staff and services. Every aspect of your interaction with us, whether it’s in person, or via phone or internet, will be focused entirely on your self storage needs. At Bluebird, customer service and peace of mind are our goals, and we promise to deliver them to you with the utmost respect, support and professionalism.

Founding & Growth

The partners of Bluebird have over 75 years of combined successful self-storage development and management experience in North America, dating back to 1983. This includes the active development of nearly 100 Class ‘A’ properties. Our years of navigating and understanding the entitlement and construction process have helped create a team of successful Canadian developers.

As a company, Bluebird has already begun establishing a small critical mass of premium locations in the GTA that stand out from our competitors.

Customer reception area inside a self storage facility, with computer and coffee on countertop.

Community Involvement

As a company that values people – from our employees to our customers, and the surrounding public – community involvement is a core value of our business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Shelter Movers, a non-profit organization that helps relocate survivors of gender-based violence. Shelter Movers make moving and storage arrangements on behalf of their clients, so they can live in a safer environment, and begin a new chapter in their life. With this partnership, dozens of Bluebird facilities will provide storage units to Shelter Movers so survivors can house their belongings at absolutely no cost.

Outside vehicle parking lot at storage facility, with drive up storage units.

Real Estate

Bluebird is currently seeking premium properties to develop and add to our Canadian portfolio. If you own or are brokering a property that you believe may be a good fit for a new Bluebird location, please contact us to discuss a purchase agreement.

Exterior of storage facility at night, with gated entrance and parking lot.


Bluebird is actively seeking stabilized self-storage properties to add to our Canadian portfolio. If you are considering the sale of your property, please contact us to discuss a purchase agreement.

As a self-storage management company, we value our partnerships and work closely with owners to find the best solution and services to protect their assets, reduce stress, and create more opportunities to pursue other investments. Owners choose Bluebird for:

  • Leading edge digital marketing platform
  • Customized pricing and revenue management
  • Hands-on store operations
  • Superior customer service
  • Industry leading branding

Find a Storage Unit Near You

We have several locations serving Greater Toronto - let's find space for you!

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Website Icons Easily Switch Sizes | Bluebird Self Storage

Easily Switch Sizes

Need a larger size? Don’t worry! If you’ve rented or reserved a unit online and realize that you need a different size, we’ll help you switch size quickly and easily.

Website Icons Full Month's Value | Bluebird Self Storage

Full Month’s Value

At Bluebird, we believe that every great relationship starts with honesty, and for us, honesty means providing you with a full month’s value of storage. Many self-storage facilities pull what’s called the ‘four-week sneak’, meaning they charge you on a four-week cycle instead of basing their rates on a full month. This means you’ll end up paying 13 times per year instead of 12 – that’s 8.33% more! At Bluebird, in addition to our locked-in rent prices, we base our rates on a full month’s service, not 28-day billing cycles. Here, you pay one price, once a month, for one year, because we value our customers. Your Bluebird experience includes valuable amenities and 100% transparent pricing from the start.

Website Icons 7 Day Risk Free Trial | Bluebird Self Storage

7 Day Risk Free Trial

Aren’t sure if we’re your perfect match? If you are not completely satisfied within seven days after moving in, we will refund 100% of your rent and administrative fees. Plus, we won’t force you to sign any long-term agreements so that you can up-size or down-size to the unit you need at any time. Here, what you see is what you pay for.

Website Icons No Rent Increase | Bluebird Self Storage

No Rent Increases For 365 Days

Too many storage facilities offer outrageously low introductory (teaser) rates, enticing customers to choose their facility, only to increase rent every 3-6 months. Many facilities offer these below market prices, just so they can secure the sale – but don’t actually plan on locking in these rates. These bait and switch tactics end up costing you more money in the long run, and in our eyes, that’s just downright dishonest and unfair.

At Bluebird, we value your dollar and your trust. Part of earning your trust means we keep our prices honest – that’s why we won’t raise your rent for at least 365 days from your move-in date. That’s right, you’ll have the same price for a full year’s worth of storage because that’s exactly what you signed up for! At Bluebird, we believe in being consistent with our pricing so you always know what to expect every month. Also, being upfront about our pricing is the right thing to do! With Bluebird, there’s no dupes, fine print, or miscommunication about pricing – you can count on your rent being consistent for a full 365 days. We don’t view you as a transaction, we view you as a valued relationship.

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