Your Essential Checklist for Self Storage in Calgary, AB

Your Essential Checklist for Self Storage in Calgary, AB

By Meghan Cox

People moving out of or to Southwest Calgary, Alberta, frequently face the challenge of finding adequate space for their belongings. Maybe you’re already a resident and simply looking to downsize or have a remodel on the horizon and need somewhere to store your things. Or perhaps you’re a real estate agent or small business owner looking to store staging furniture or excess inventory for specific periods.

As the city continues to grow, the need for reliable self storage in Calgary, AB, becomes even more important than ever. Whether you're downsizing, relocating, or simply seeking to declutter, the right storage facility can make all the difference in maintaining organization and tranquility in your personal or professional space. In order to help people navigate the various self storage challenges they may face, this article offers an indispensable checklist to help keep them in line throughout. 

Among the variety of options available, Bluebird Self Storage stands tall above the competition as a standout provider, with a state-of-the-art modern facility that’s designed to meet the needs of Southwest Calgary residents. With Bluebird's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, residents of Calgary can find an ally in the quest to create more space in their lives.

Things to Look for in a Self Storage Unit Provider

Selecting the right partner for self storage in Calgary, AB, is a critical decision that can affect the safety and condition of your belongings for the duration they’re stored. 

To help guide you in your search, here are several key factors to consider when you’re looking for Calgary storage units that will best serve your needs:

  • Security: The most crucial feature of any storage facility is its ability to keep your belongings safe. Try to look for a provider that offers comprehensive measures in place, including 24/7 surveillance cameras and ample lighting. Providers with on-site staff can also add an extra layer of security. Companies like Bluebird Self Storage have their team conduct frequent lock checks for that added peace of mind.

  • Accessibility: Carefully consider how often and when you need to access your storage unit. Some Calgary storage facilities offer 24-hour access, while others have more limited hours for you to come in and out. Additionally, ease of access to your specific unit, such as convenient loading areas, can significantly impact your overall loading and unloading experience.

  • Size Options: The facility should offer a range of storage units in Southwest Calgary for you to choose from, as this will allow you to select a space that fits your items without having to pay for unnecessary extra square footage.

  • Customer Service: Exceptional customer service can significantly enhance your storage experience. When you’re looking for storage units in Oakridge, the provider should have knowledgeable and helpful staff who are more than willing to answer all of your questions and assist you in finding the perfect storage solution for your exact situation and needs.

  • Contract Flexibility: Ensure you understand the unit’s lease or rental agreement terms. Look for a provider that offers month-to-month leases if you need flexibility or long-term arrangements if you know you'll need the unit for an extended period.

  • Location: A convenient location can save you time and transportation costs, especially if you need regular access to your belongings. When looking at heated storage units in Cedarbrae and surrounding areas, consider the proximity to your home, office, or the location you’ll be moving to.

Essential Checklist for Self Storage in Calgary, AB

It’s essential to start planning well to ensure your storage experience is smooth and your belongings are secured. To help you out, here’s an essential checklist to guide you through the process:

2 Months Before

  • Budget Accordingly: Prices depend on the size of the unit and the rental duration, with contracts typically available on a month-to-month basis. Don’t forget: different providers of self storage in Calgary, AB, may have different terms, sometimes requiring a minimum commitment when securing your unit.

  • Compare Prices: Make sure you carefully shop around and compare quotes from nearby facilities offering storage units in Cedarbrae, carefully taking other customers' ratings, along with the price, distance, and features offered, all into account.

  • Figure Out How Much Space You Need: Assess the total volume of your belongings to choose the most appropriate unit size, helping you avoid unnecessary costs for unutilized space.

  • Make a Checklist of Storage Needs: Try to jot down all the amenities you may want or require, like security features, accessibility, and other specific needs.

1 ½ Months Before

  • Book a Storage Unit: Reserve your unit using reliable platforms that can provide a selection of local facilities.

4 Weeks Before

  • Look Up Storage Unit Restrictions: Carefully familiarize yourself with all of the facility’s rules, and make sure you take note of any items that are prohibited, such as flammables, perishables, and potentially hazardous materials.

  • Create an Inventory List of All Items: Ensure that you carefully document all of the items you will be storing for organizational and potential insurance purposes, keeping a copy of these records in the unit for easy reference.

2 Weeks Before

  • Safeguard Items: Take the time and care to protect your belongings from damage by using appropriate sprays, seals, bags, and covers.

  • Label Boxes: Label your boxes clearly for easy identification and retrieval.

  • Take Photos of All Items: Photograph items to accompany your inventory list for storage units in Calgary.

The Day Before Moving Into Storage Facilities 

  • Disassemble Large Items: Break down any bulky furniture you may have to help maximize your potential storage space and minimize any possible damage you may face.

The Day Of

  • Strategically Place Items Inside Storage Unit: Try to organize your storage unit thoughtfully, keeping frequently used items accessible and ensuring that heavy items are not stacked on top of lighter, more fragile ones.

Following this comprehensive self storage checklist will prepare you for a seamless storage experience and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your possessions are well-organized and securely stored in your self storage units in Southwest Calgary.

Trust Bluebird Self Storage Units in Calgary

As the date you have to move or store your belongings rapidly approaches, the importance of choosing a reliable and secure facility to partner with simply cannot be overstated. 

Thankfully for you, Bluebird Self Storage, with its prime location at suite #401 11501 Buffalo Run Boulevard located in Tsuu T'ina, Alberta, offers unrivaled convenience and peace of mind for residents looking for storage units in Calgary. Bluebird Self Storage stands out with its array of features designed to ensure the utmost care for your items.

Whether you’re in the midst of a move, decluttering, or simply in need of extra space, Bluebird Self Storage on Buffalo Run Boulevard is equipped to handle all of your self storage challenges. Plus, with the added assurance of our robust protection plan, you can rest assured that your items are in good hands.

Don't leave your storage to chance—contact Bluebird Self Storage today to tick one more thing off your self storage checklist with confidence and experience the Bluebird Difference for yourself. Our services and experience go far beyond simply ‘storing your stuff’ because we understand all too well that it’s not just your stuff—it’s your life.

Frequently Asked Self Storage Questions

What size storage unit is right for me?

Finding the right storage unit depends on the number of possessions you plan on storing at our facility. The more items you have, the more space you’ll need. At every Bluebird facility, we offer units ranging from below 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 30’ or even larger, so you can find the right amount of storage space. To find the right unit size, explore our Storage Unit Size Guide or read this resource to see which unit fits your needs best.

Can I buy boxes and packing supplies at Bluebird?

Yes! If you’re about to move into a storage unit, our facility offers moving and storage supplies that help protect your belongings. Our supplies range from boxes, packing tape, mattress and furniture covers, and so much more!

How long can I rent a unit?

We don’t have any long-term agreements at Bluebird, so you can rent your unit for as little as a month or two or upwards of a year if you’d like! If circumstances change, we can always extend or shorten your storage stay with us.

How do I access my storage unit?

You, selected family, and any business associates can access your local facility by using our secure keypad entry using a personal security code. Individual units are protected by a lock that is only accessible by the customer. Only contacts you authorize will be able to access your unit.

Typical daily access hours are from 6AM - 11PM, so you can always access your stuff when you need it. Check with the location nearest you for more information about access hours.

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