Try These Pro Packing Tips for an Easier Move

If you've ever been through a move, you know that packing and organizing can become overwhelming as the big day gets closer. Before you give up hope, check out these four essential packing tips that will make your next move a breeze.

Make a Box for 'Move-In Day'

When you first move into your house or apartment, you'll need certain essentials close at hand. No one wants to hunt through dozens of boxes looking for toilet paper! Pack essential items in a clearly labeled box. Then make sure it does NOT go in the moving truck; instead, it should be in your car or somewhere nearby for easy access.

Use Plastic Wrap to Secure Just About Anything

Plastic wrap or stretch wrap is a great way to secure items during a move. You can wrap an entire dresser so the drawers won't slide out. Or, wrap a CD case full of CDs and carry it as one piece. You can even wrap cords onto their appliances so they don't drag on the ground as you carry them.

Pack Items Inside Other Containers

If you have to move large items, you may as well fill them up as you go. Pack spices, packaged foods, and other small items inside large pots, and then tape or plastic wrap the lids in place. Fill a laundry hamper with clean towels, sheets and blankets before moving it. And pack bulky items like winter coats or boots inside of suitcases.

Bag Your Clothes

One of the quickest ways to pack your clothes is to leave them on the hangers in your closet, and then bag them in a large, empty garbage bag. Cinch the bag at the top around the hangers, and you'll have a convenient way to pack your clothes while keeping them clean and organized.

Whether you're moving to the Greater Toronto Area or preparing to move away, make sure to check out our nearby self-storage facilities. At Bluebird Self Storage, we can make your move even easier by providing convenient and modern storage solutions.