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Three Tips to Simplify Moving

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    Wednesday, 21 February 2018

    Getting ready to move? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Here are three tips to help you tackle the stages, from selling, to packing, to moving in. Soon, you'll be relaxing in your new surroundings, surprised that you're already done!

    Stage for Appeal

    A cluttered home is a seller's nemesis. To a buyer's eye, clutter suggests a lack of upkeep and prevents them from seeing the house as a blank canvas. Not to mention, clutter makes houses feel smaller. To stage for appeal, arrange knick-knacks in clusters of 3, and store items that are overly personal. Remove and store larger pieces of furniture, and arrange smaller pieces in vignettes. Clear your kitchen and bathroom of countertop clutter and replace it with plants or flowers. Open curtains and blinds and turn on lights during showings to enhance the openness of the house.

    Label for Ease

    Whether you are moving yourself or hiring movers, specific labelling will be a huge help. Using markers or stickers, indicate details of box contents. "Winter clothes for Billy," or "holiday decorations for storage," will prevent boxes from being put in the wrong room, and will help you prioritize what to unpack first.

    Divide to Conquer

    Packing is exhausting enough, and then comes the unpacking! Do yourself a favor and divide items during packing, to help conquer the unpacking. Discard any items beyond repair, and sort remaining items as "keep," "store," or "donate," to cut your unpacking time in half. Great items to store include seasonal decorations, extra furniture, documents, lawn equipment, sporting equipment, heirlooms, clothing, and more. These items can be accessed as-needed, giving you less to unpack and preventing you from cluttering up your new home.

    For more tips on packing and storage, contact us today! We can help you make the most of your space and make your move a smooth transition.

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