The 6 Best Furniture Storage Tips: Choosing Climate-Controlled Storage in Toronto

The 6 Best Furniture Storage Tips: Choosing Climate-Controlled Storage in Toronto

By John Doe

Whether you're moving, decluttering, or downsizing, storing furniture in climate-controlled storage in Toronto is a convenient and sometimes necessary option in a variety of situations. However, finding the best way to store your furniture can be challenging due to temperature fluctuations, condensation, and dirt.

Preparing your furniture for long-term storage properly will help you have the best storage experience possible. If you're looking to keep your furniture safe while in self storage in Toronto for a few weeks or months, there are a few tips to remember to keep your furniture in the best condition possible.

Continue reading below to learn about crucial furniture storage tips to ensure your furniture's longevity while in a short-term storage unit, and discover why Bluebird Self Storage is your number one choice for storage units in Leaside.

Climate-Controlled Storage in Toronto: What You Need to Know

Climate-controlled storage in Toronto regulates the temperature inside the unit, ensuring that items are protected against extreme temperatures.

While temperature-controlled self storage may be adequate in some climates, if you live in an area with hot, humid weather or harsh winters, full climate-controlled storage in Toronto is recommended. As a result, when looking for a storage facility, make this key feature a priority for your selection process.

While basic self storage may suffice for some of your belongings, it's always a good idea to take extra precautions to keep your things in good condition.

Consider some of the following benefits of using climate-controlled storage units in Leaside when weighing your options.

Temperature Protection

Climate-controlled storage protects your belongings from extreme temperatures. Temperature fluctuations can cause significant damage. Climate control keeps the temperature inside your storage unit stable all year long, providing you with ongoing security.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, one of the most significant advantages of using climate-controlled storage is knowing your belongings are protected against the weather. This can provide the peace of mind you require when storing items for weeks or months at a time and is well worth the investment.

Climate-controlled storage in Toronto is an excellent option to safeguard belongings from extreme temperatures year-round. Bluebird is proud to offer several climate-controlled units for short-term storage in Leaside.

6 Tips for Storing Furniture in Short-Term Storage

Preparing furniture for storage is an integral part of protecting your furniture while it is in storage. Simple steps to prepare your furniture before storing it in a short-term storage unit will yield long-term results, so we've compiled a brief guide on preparing your furniture for storage.

By following these six helpful tips, you will ensure that the furniture storage process is simple and efficient and your furniture leaves the same way you left it.

1. Clean Furniture Before Storing

Cleaning furniture before storing it helps prevent deterioration, so this is a crucial step to take if you plan to store your furniture for more than a couple of months. Clean a few days ahead of time to ensure that everything is completely dry and free of mold and mildew before storing.

To start, wipe down leather and upholstered furniture, such as sofas and pillows, and repeat for your wood, plastic, and metal furniture. To avoid moldy boxes and tarnished parts upon your return, ensure all pieces are dry before packing them away.

2. Disassemble Large Items to Save Space

Take apart as much furniture as you can before moving it to your storage unit. If you can disassemble tables, chairs, and desks, it will be easier to pack your truck and storage space.

If you can disassemble large items like bookshelves and large desks or tables, you will save a lot of room in your moving truck and storage unit. Breaking down furniture before storing it also protects other items from damage.

3. Organize Loose Items

One of the worst parts of moving is gathering odds and ends. When it comes to storing accessories for larger items, make sure you keep everything together.

You don't have to disassemble your furniture completely, but doing things like removing legs, drawers, or bed rails will make storage easier and safer. While breaking down any items you can to save space, make sure to label and separate all of the equipment that comes with it.

4. Wrap Your Furniture to Protect Surfaces

Covering furniture with something is an important part of storing it for a long period of time. This protection prevents dust and other airborne debris from settling on the furniture and causing stains over time.

Bubble cushion wrap can be an excellent method of cushioning breakable items such as a glass table top or a ceramic lamp. Other forms of tight plastic wrappings, on the other hand, are not recommended for most other types of furniture. Thick plastic wrap can trap moisture and cause condensation, which can lead to long-term issues like mold, mildew, and swelling, so be sure to avoid using thick plastic packaging during this step.

5. Add Lining to the Storage Unit Floor to Protect the Furniture

Additionally, an extra layer of protection is required for any ground-floor storage units, especially for long-term rentals. Low moisture levels can slowly seep through concrete floors, causing damage to your items. While tarps are excellent for preventing moisture, pallets are preferred in the event of a disaster, such as flooding.

6. Place Furniture Strategically and Carefully

The final step in properly storing your furniture is to put it in your storage unit. 

Leave enough space for each item to ensure that humidity does not become trapped in small spaces. Prop your furniture up with caution, so it does not collide and scratch each other. If possible, keep the furniture elevated on pallets, as this will increase airflow around each piece.

A good rule is to leave at least two inches on all sides of your furniture. It may be tempting to pack your items tightly, but the damage this can cause in long-term storage is not worth a few dollars saved each month.

Choose Bluebird Self Storage for Your Self Storage Needs

The choice between traditional storage and climate-controlled storage in Toronto is ultimately up to you and your needs. However, the benefits of using a controlled environment frequently outweigh the disadvantages if you plan to store your furniture and belongings in a short-term storage unit. We hope these tips on how to store furniture in a short-term storage unit come in handy when you're ready to rent a storage unit for your needs.

Bluebird Self Storage is committed to providing high-quality self storage units to all its Toronto customers.

With a wide range of modern and unique long-term storage units and three sizes of storage units, small, medium, and large, Bluebird Self Storage's facility is designed to improve the comfort, convenience, and safety of your storage experience. Bluebird is also proud to offer climate-controlled units for short-term storage in Leaside to help ensure your items remain in excellent condition.

To learn more about how Bluebird Self Storage can assist you and why climate-controlled storage in Toronto is the best option for you and your belongings, rent with Bluebird Self Storage today to find the best fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Self Storage Questions

What size storage unit is right for me?

Finding the right storage unit depends on the number of possessions you plan on storing at our facility. The more items you have, the more space you’ll need. At every Bluebird facility, we offer units ranging from below 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 30’ or even larger, so you can find the right amount of storage space. To find the right unit size, explore our Storage Unit Size Guide or read this resource to see which unit fits your needs best.

Can I buy boxes and packing supplies at Bluebird?

Yes! If you’re about to move into a storage unit, our facility offers moving and storage supplies that help protect your belongings. Our supplies range from boxes, packing tape, mattress and furniture covers, and so much more!

How long can I rent a unit?

We don’t have any long-term agreements at Bluebird, so you can rent your unit for as little as a month or two or upwards of a year if you’d like! If circumstances change, we can always extend or shorten your storage stay with us.

How do I access my storage unit?

You, selected family, and any business associates can access your local facility by using our secure keypad entry using a personal security code. Individual units are protected by a lock that is only accessible by the customer. Only contacts you authorize will be able to access your unit.

Typical daily access hours are from 6AM - 11PM, so you can always access your stuff when you need it. Check with the location nearest you for more information about access hours.


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