Inventory and Equipment Storage Solutions for Businesses

Self-Storage provides a terrific opportunity for contractors operating out of their home or small office to store tools and equipment in a secure space without the expense of renting a full industrial bay.

Overhead costs can be minimized while maintaining sufficient inventory to commence a job without waiting for material orders to be filled. Tools and equipment can also be stored securely. If the self-storage center offers no-cost unit transfers, the amount of storage rented can be varied to match seasonal demand. Bluebird Self Storage allows its customers to upsize or downsize their storage unit at any time without notice and without penalty. This provides a degree of flexibility that is not available when renting an industrial bay.

If storage is only required for part of the year, be sure to inquire if your storage center offers unused rent refunds, as not all facilities have the same refund policies. Bluebird Self Storage will always refund any unused days of rent in the final month, provided adequate notice of move out is given.

For contractors working out of town, Bluebird Self Storage offers secure storage close to the job site for tools, equipment, and materials. Retail businesses can also utilize self-storage to accommodate seasonal fluctuations of inventory like sports equipment and gardening tools, or for special occasions such as Halloween or Christmas. The bottom line - self-storage offers flexibility and allows contractors and businesses to upsize or downsize at a moment’s notice, without being locked into a long-term lease for commercial space.

Bluebird offers self-storage solutions for individuals and businesses in Edmonton, Red Deer, Cochrane, Sherwood Park, Canmore, and many more locations. 


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