How to Organize A Storage Unit Like A Pro Post-Summer

How to Organize A Storage Unit Like A Pro Post-Summer

By John Doe

There’s nothing more fun than enjoying warm weather with loved one’s, but as fall quickly approaches, it’s time to say goodbye to fun in the sun and swap out our summertime possessions.

As the summer comes to a close, we’re not just saying farewell to warm weather - we also part with our many summer possessions. From clothing and accessories to outdoor furniture and activities, plenty of belongings end up packed away by the end of the sunny season.

If you’re gearing up to store your summer possessions for the year but aren’t sure how to approach packing and organizing your storage unit, Bluebird Self Storage is here to help. Our storage units in Dartmouth, NS are equipped to hold everyday household items and seasonal objects! As storage professionals, we understand that seasonal storage can be quite challenging, especially when you have many possessions to contend with! However, dealing with all your summer belongings is easier said than done, especially if you have a lot of clothing, pool equipment, and outdoor furniture to store!

That’s why we’re taking a closer look at how you can successfully pack up a storage unit at summer's end, the benefits of keeping your summer stuff at our Dartmouth storage facility, and how to keep your belongings organized until the following season.

Post Summer Packing - Where to Begin 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you transition into fall. There’s a lot to keep up with between summer clothing, outdoor accessories and equipment, and other miscellaneous items. However, a self-storage unit is ideal for keeping all your summer possessions in one universal location, so you can feel ready for fall and winter in no time! With a self-storage unit, you can easily swap out summer decor for fall items - the most difficult part is knowing where to start!

If you’re local to Halifax and unsure how to store seasonal items and equipment, we have some helpful suggestions that can help streamline the packing process! Now you can move into a storage unit in Dartmouth, NS, sooner rather than later!

  1. Clear out Old Items and Clutter

    Before packing away a storage unit, it’s wise to comb through older items first. It’s easy to pull the same stuff out year after year, but the truth of the matter is that you probably don’t wear or use some of it anymore! Plus, it’s easy for clutter to build up after a few years, which ends up taking up unnecessary space in your home or storage unit.

    If you haven’t worn a certain portion of your summer wardrobe, or your kids have outgrown certain summer toys, then it’s time to donate or toss them. Otherwise, you’ll lose valuable storage space within your unit! The same goes for any outdoor furniture or equipment. If any of these belongings are outdated or damaged, it’s best to sort through them before placing them within your unit. You’ll have more room for the items you need to store and might find yourself with extra space! For more helpful tips, explore our Top 10 Decluttering Tips for a Happy Home!

  2. Sort through Clothing and Accessories

    Clothing is typically the most time-consuming thing to pack, especially if it’s for the entire family. Instead of leaving it to the last minute, start your post-summer organization by packing up your closet. Because your clothing needs to stay clean and secure in boxes or containers, it will be easier to decide how large of a storage unit you need! If you have a lot of clothing and plan to store lawn equipment or seasonal furniture inside, you’ll likely want a medium-sized unit instead of something smaller. However, it’s easier to understand just how much space you’ll need once you’ve accounted for all your clothing.

  3. Organize Outdoor Equipment and Furniture

    One of the most important things to consider before packing up summer stuff is what you’d like to do with your outdoor equipment and furniture. This could include pool or patio furniture, lawn equipment, lawn accessories, or even pool toys! Having a lively backyard is great during the summer, but protecting these belongings is essential before cooler weather arrives. Organizing your outdoor equipment helps determine what you plan on storing to plan and move your possessions accordingly. If your outdoor equipment isn’t organized ahead of time, it will be difficult to know what you plan to keep at home and what you plan to store.

How to Store Your Summer Possessions in a Storage Unit 

Once you’ve organized and cleaned out your summer belongings, it’s time to start backing everything away in your storage unit! The biggest question is, how will you approach storing everything in your unit? Luckily, we have the information you need to make things easy to navigate.

Move Bulky Items First

If you are storing outdoor furniture or lawn equipment in your storage unit, it’s smart to move these items first because they’ll take up the most space - especially if it’s chaise loungers or items like weed eaters and push mowers. If furniture can be disassembled, do that before placing it inside the unit for easier transportation and maximizing storage space. Otherwise, it will be more challenging to move your other belongings!

Take into consideration what you’ll plan on using first once warmer weather arrives. If you tend to start mowing or maintaining the lawn in early spring, then you’ll want to keep lawn equipment closer to the front of your storage unit. That way, you can access them first once warmer weather arrives! Other bulk items you can keep in the center or towards the back of your unit, so you can remove them last without other obstacles in the way.

Keep Spring Possessions Up Front 

As we briefly mentioned above, it’s smart to consider what spring possessions you’ll want to access before the rest of your items. Pool toys and beach items can stay far in the back, but what about gardening tools or outdoor patio accessories? These items you’ll likely want once things start to thaw once more.

Use shelving units to group spring items together, like outdoor tools or accessories, and keep them near the front of your unit. You’ll be able to safely move around your storage unit so long as there are clear pathways, but grouping together more high-need items saves time in the long run.

Group Like Items Together

When it comes to storing your stuff, it’s easy to lose track of your belongings! Even if you’ve cleared out and decluttered many of your belongings, it’s smart to approach storage with a strategy - starting with how you group items within your unit!

It’s best to keep belongings in one area, such as clothing and accessories. Mixing in toys or outdoor accessories boxes means you’ll accidentally pull things you probably don’t need too soon. Chances are you’ll want summer clothes before pool or boating equipment! Section off areas of your storage unit for like belongings, and color code these boxes. This way, you’ll be able to remember exactly where these items are! Create a master inventory list or even a map of your storage unit layout. By the time spring rolls around, you’ll be able to pull out the items you want and not think twice about what’s inside!

Remove Any Fall Or Winter Items

Before you start moving new items into your storage unit, you first need to consider what you've stored within the facility throughout the warmer months! If there’s any fall and winter decor, warmer bedding, or clothing articles you need, first remove those items from your storage unit! Once you’ve freed up valuable space, you can begin to replace these items with your summer belongings.

Store Your Summer Possessions at our Storage Units in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Searching for a secure place to store your seasonal items can be difficult. But, with Bluebird Self Storage by your side, together, we can find a storage unit that accommodates your belongings easily. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with a valuable self-storage experience they can truly rely on - starting with the amenities they need for post-summer storage!

At our storage facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, we have a wide range of storage units available that accommodate your needs. From the smallest unit sizes for minor lawn equipment to units large enough to fit an entire collection of patio furniture, our facility was made to accommodate every storage situation! Plus, our storage units near Halifax are capable of doing more than storing your stuff - we can protect them in the best way possible! Our Dartmouth storage facility has the following features for your possessions:

  • Climate-Controlled Storage
    Are you local to Halifax and searching for additional protection for your belongings? Our climate-controlled storage units are equipped to keep all possessions safe, even during the coldest months of the year! These units protect against extreme hot and cold temperatures, so even your most fragile summer items can stay in pristine condition.

  • Humidity-Controlled Storage
    Spring humidity is no joke, especially when it comes to your possessions! Luckily, our humidity-controlled storage units help regulate humidity in your storage unit, so you can rest easy while your stuff is in our care.

  • 24-Hour Video Monitoring
    At Bluebird, we take safeguarding your stuff seriously. That’s why we have 24-hour video surveillance at our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia facility! This way, we can watch over your possessions at all times.

  • Loading Dock
    Part of the pain of moving is how long and difficult the walk from your car or truck is to a storage unit - that’s why we have a loading dock available at our Dartmouth location! Our dock helps streamline the efficiency of your move, so you can spend less time moving items around and more time organizing your storage unit.

  • Universal Bluebird Amenities
    We’re dedicated to providing our customers with reliable amenities that make the most of their storage experience at every Bluebird location. As part of our Bluebird Difference, these universal amenities and features range from pricing transparency to convenient moving and storage supplies.

At the end of summer, many people need more than a storage unit, especially if you’re storing any recreational vehicles! If you have a sports car, RV, or boat that needs a home during the winter months, our storage facility near Halifaxis here to help! We offer vehicle storage units and other forms of storage that are ideal for summer items! Just take a look for yourself down below! In addition to our valuable amenities, we also provide additional storage options for your other belongings.

Every aspect of our storage units in Dartmouth, NS, is designed with the utmost care for our customers. If you’re ready to find a reliable storage solution for your summer possessions, our facility is the solution for you! Our facility is local to Halifax, Burnside, Downtown Dartmouth, and Dartmouth’s Crossing. If you want to explore our storage units for yourself, simply take a ​​virtual tour of our storage units in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! With Bluebird by your side, moving and storage is less stressful from start to finish.

Want to learn more about how to organize your storage unit? Ultimate Packing & Storage Guide has the answers you need!

Ultimate Packing Storage Guide

Frequently Asked Self Storage Questions

What size storage unit is right for me?

Finding the right storage unit depends on the number of possessions you plan on storing at our facility. The more items you have, the more space you’ll need. At every Bluebird facility, we offer units ranging from below 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 30’ or even larger, so you can find the right amount of storage space. To find the right unit size, explore our Storage Unit Size Guide or read this resource to see which unit fits your needs best.

Can I buy boxes and packing supplies at Bluebird?

Yes! If you’re about to move into a storage unit, our facility offers moving and storage supplies that help protect your belongings. Our supplies range from boxes, packing tape, mattress and furniture covers, and so much more!

How long can I rent a unit?

We don’t have any long-term agreements at Bluebird, so you can rent your unit for as little as a month or two or upwards of a year if you’d like! If circumstances change, we can always extend or shorten your storage stay with us.

How do I access my storage unit?

You, selected family, and any business associates can access your local facility by using our secure keypad entry using a personal security code. Individual units are protected by a lock that is only accessible by the customer. Only contacts you authorize will be able to access your unit.

Typical daily access hours are from 6AM - 11PM, so you can always access your stuff when you need it. Check with the location nearest you for more information about access hours.


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