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Four Signs It May Be Time to Break up with Your Storage Company

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    Monday, 12 February 2018

    We know how relationships can be: sometimes you're just not sure if you should stay or you should go. When it comes to your storage company, there's no need to stay if you're not happy. Just ask yourself these four questions to see if it's time to move on to someone better.

    Can You Access Your Storage Unit When You Need To?

    Nothing is more frustrating than pulling up to your storage facility to retrieve something from your unit, only to find that you can't get in. You need a storage company that offers convenient hours to fit your lifestyle.

    Do You Feel Safe?

    Does your storage company provide secured, gated access? And is there a network of security cameras in place? If not, you can bet that thieves know this as well, and you or your storage unit could one day be targeted. Always put security at the top of your list of storage needs.

    Is Your Storage Facility Modern?

    Modern can cover a lot of things: spacious, brightly lit, and clean is what you should be looking for. Without proper lighting, you won't be able to see your possessions or work effectively in your unit. A clean facility is a good indicator of regular maintenance. And a spacious facility means you'll be able to easily navigate hallways and access your storage unit. Without these three aspects, visiting your storage unit will soon become a miserable experience.

    Is Your Storage Facility Climate Controlled?

    You may not pay attention to this when you first rent your unit, but when temperatures fluctuate or drop below freezing, you'll quickly find out if your storage facility is truly climate controlled. Not only is there the danger of frozen pipes, but extreme temperatures can also damage your belongings. You need true climate control to protect your possessions.

    We all value flexibility and service in our lives. And when it comes to storage, you need a company that treats you like a valued customer and works to win your business. Contact us to learn why together, we could be the perfect match.

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