51 Best Clothes Storage Ideas When You Have No Closet

51 Best Clothes Storage Ideas When You Have No Closet

By John Doe

After months of searching, you finally find the perfect apartment. But there's one catch: there aren't any closets. Do you say: "no storage, no problem", or pass it up and keep looking?

If you want to sign that lease, then keep reading. Here are the 51 best clothes storage solutions when you have no closet.

Carve out more space

  1. Short on space, look up! Floating shelves can hold boxes of socks, underwear, and accessories.
  2. Low rise bed? Lift it up off the floor on bed risers to store seasonal items underneath.
  3. Over the door shoe racks keep your shoes at your fingertips and off the floor.
  4. High ceilings? Install a rod to hang clothes above the machines in your laundry closet.
  5. Use drawers in other rooms to store clothes, even kitchen or tv stand drawers.
  6. Move furniture around to find a new storage corner or nook. Use a nightstand with clothes drawers to double as an end table.

Hacks for those accessories

  1. Shoe Slotz will double your shoe storage (and who doesn't need more shoes!)
  2. Fabric shoe organizers can store both shoes and sweatshirts.
  3. Over-the-door cap organizers are a great way to show your Raptors some love and keep things organized.
  4. Handbag storage hangers can hold belts, caps, and more.
  5. Shoe cabinets keep your front hallway clear with space for gloves, scarves, and even socks.
  6. Hat racks keep your hats looking great while storing belts and scarves as well.
  7. S-hooks are great for hanging purses, pants with belt loops, and belts too!

Clothing storage hacks

  1. Under the bed, clear organizer bins keep special occasion wear fresh and out of sight.
  2. When we've finally thrown off that Canadian winter chill, where to stash your sweaters? Space-saving storage bags can compress seasonal items for maximum storage.
  3. Thinner felt covered hangers spruce up your space while taking less room than traditional hangers. Bonus: the felt keeps your clothes from slipping off!
Clothes on felt hangers
  1. Extendible hangers let you hang multiple garments vertically.
  2. Konmari your space! Marie Kondo recommends hikidashi boxes for folded clothing items.
  3. To further spark joy, fold clothes vertically to maximize drawer usage and easily view your items.

Multi-purpose furniture for clothes storage

  1. A storage bed tucks away seasonal items, sweaters, and other folded clothes.
  2. Build a closet — under your bed! These fabulous loft beds let you hang clothes and pop in a full-size dresser. And they're Canadian-made!
  3. Modular furniture with storage transforms your couch and coffee table into closets! Perfect for transitional items like boots or coats.
  4. Don't hide those handbags! Showcase your designer swag on a higher-end shelving unit.
  5. Class up your pad with a freestanding wardrobe or vintage pine armoire.
  6. Put a chest of drawers to work as a TV stand.
  7. Bookshelves aren't just for books! Dress up some shoeboxes with wallpaper and stack them beside your favorite reads.
  8. Fill decorative baskets or boxes with folded items or accessories.
Clothes folded in boxes
  1. Upcycle a well-loved trunk to store sweaters and seasonal items.
  2. A cubby shelving unit can double as a room divider and shoe rack.
  3. Storage benches or ottomans conceal your clothes while giving guests an extra place to sit. Super useful in a tiny Toronto condo!

Modular clothing systems

  1. Modular clothing systems can turn a wall into a closet! Closed or open, they store your stuff with style.
  2. A trusty garment rack or dual-bar garment rack won't break your budget and can double as a drying rack for hand washables.
Photo of clothes on rack
  1. Sick of tripping over your shoes? Install a slat wall or grid wall and get them up and off the floor.
Collection of various shoes
  1. Install a 6 ball waterfall hook or other hooks to hang sweatshirts and jackets.

Don't forget the kids!

  1. Get them organized early! Smaller hands need smaller dressers and give kids their own feeling of independence.
  2. A few plastic tier drawer organizers can save you space and time. Use them to store and plan a week of kids' outfits.
  3. A clear over-the-door pocket organizer is perfect for smaller baby clothes in your nursery.
  4. A 3 tier rolling cart can stash your wee one's clothes and accessories.


Clothing storage for people with accessibility issues

  1. Make your space work for you. If you use a wheelchair, hang hooks and rods for most-used items at your eye level.
  2. Wardrobe lifts can access higher-up spaces and help bring clothing to you.
  3. Custom cabinetry and pull-out shelving offer a bespoke storage solution in tight spaces.

Commercial clothing solutions

  1. Go pro with a commercial clothing rack. They work in stores, and they can work for you!
  2. A wall-mounted coat rack maximizes vertical space and can store hats or bags.
  3. Build a free-standing garment storage center! These sturdy structures can serve as extra basement clothing storage if you move to a larger home.

DIY no closet storage solutions in the bedroom

  1. Make Pinterest your best friend and build your own pipe clothing rack.
  2. Towel bars and shower curtain rings can show off your scarves or necklaces.
Scarves on towel bar
  1. Travelers! Don't leave suitcases empty when they're not on the road. Pack away travel-specific items, seasonal clothing, or athletic wear. Also perfect for cottage gear, just grab it and go!
  2. Think inside the box! Line a dresser drawer with small boxes from the dollar store and use them to store jewelry. Flip the lids for twice the storage!
  3. Repurpose a cork bulletin board for a cheerful and organized jewelry display.
  4. Command hooks won't peel your paint and can turn a bare wall into a funky and functional hat display.

Overflow storage

  1. Transitional space? Not into DIY? Overflow storage at Bluebird is your best bet. It's your closet away from home.

So enjoy your new place, or transform your old one! Just a few of these handy tips will turn your closet-free home into a clutter-free space you and your clothes will love!

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Effy Terry
Effy Terry has lived in Whitby, Ontario, for over 6 years and is the Founder and Lead Organizer of Organize That. She is a Certified KonMari Consultant, Trained Professional Organizer, and Certified Life Transition Coach. She has over 25 years of experience as a senior event manager, and project manager, is a former real estate salesperson, and also has formal mediation training. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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