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Reclaim Your Driveway and Outdoor Space with Vehicle Storage and RV Parking

Are you tired of your RV taking up valuable space in your driveway? Or are you looking for a place to store that extra family vehicle? If any of these storage situations sound familiar, we have the solution you need—convenient, accessible vehicle storage and RV parking!

At Bluebird, we offer our customers a variety of vehicle storage options: indoor vehicle storage, outdoor vehicle and RV parking, as well as indoor winter parking!

Our indoor vehicle storage stores your car in our facility year-round, so you can have peace of mind that your work truck or family car is protected until you need it again.

Our outdoor vehicle parking keeps your additional cars or recreational vehicles from taking up space at home. If you need a place to park your vehicle until you need it again, our outdoor vehicle parking lots are a great place to store your car until you’re ready to take it for a spin! It’s a convenient way to clear your cluttered driveway and garage.

However, if you’re someone who’s trying to keep your car protected from the winter cold, our indoor winter parking is ideal for your needs. Based on our unit occupancy, we have a select number of units available for winter vehicle storage, so your car can stay in a regulated environment during the harsher months of the year. We offer this feature at select Bluebird locations depending on the current occupancy, so be sure to ask your local Bluebird storage facility if this feature is currently available!

If you’re wondering which Bluebird facilities offer vehicle or RV storage and parking, our Bluebird Storage Locator ccan assist! Simply enter the location and amenities you’re looking for, and our tool will take care of the rest! Once you find the best Bluebird storage facility for your needs, please contact that location for pricing and availability information.

Before selecting your unit size, it’s important to note that most cars will fit 10 x 20 unit-only very small compact cars would fit in 10 x 15, but trucks will typically require a 10×20 storage unit. Because every vehicle is different, please speak with your local Bluebird storage facility staff about any specific vehicle storage requirements. Our team will work with you to find the best-size storage unit to fit your needs. To learn more about our various unit sizes, we recommend using our Storage Unit Size Guide.

Vehicle and RV Storage Tips

When storing or parking a vehicle or RV at one of our facilities, please keep the following in mind:

Your vehicle must be in running order (on a registered trailer).

Your vehicle must be insured (a copy of your current vehicle insurance slip is required at the time of rental).

Your vehicle must be registered (a copy of your current registration certificate is required at the time of rental).

We recommend that you top up all fluid levels before storing or parking your vehicle, including your gas tank—this will minimize moisture accumulation within your tank.

We recommend that you check to ensure that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure to avoid any “flat spots” that might develop over time, assuming that your vehicle will be stored for an extended period.

As all batteries will lose their charge over time, consider whether it is appropriate to disconnect and remove the battery from your vehicle while in storage.

If you’re ready to find a secure, modern, valuable self-storage facility near you to store your vehicle or RV, Bluebird Self Storage is the place for you! Together, we can find the best storage solution for your stuff.

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