Self Storage in Chestermere, Alberta

Bring your Belongings to our Self Storage Facility in Chestermere, Alberta

Are you looking for a place to store your antique vehicle, boat, or RV during the offseason? Or, is your home undergoing major renovations for the next few months? No matter life’s circumstances, sometimes all we need is a safe place to store our belongings, and no one can safeguard your stuff like Bluebird.

Our Chestermere self-storage facility is equipped to store your furniture, documents, keepsakes, or the belongings you just don’t have space for. Whether you’re moving, renovating, changing business locations, or need a place to store all your family keepsakes, Bluebird Self Storage has your back.

The Benefits of Self Storage in Chestermere, Alberta

Every aspect of our facility and self-storage units in Chestermere are built with the utmost integrity and intent. At Bluebird, our services go beyond ‘storing your stuff,’ because to us, IT’S NOT JUST YOUR STUFF, ITS YOUR LIFE.

Every Bluebird location is one of a kind, and our self-storage units in Chestermere are no exception! We do this by combining state of the art technology with convenient amenities, which include:

  • A modern interior
      • Our Chestermere facility isn’t like most standard self-storage units. Our facility has a bright, welcoming atmosphere, filled with everyday storage essentials to help you prepare or continue your moving and storage journey with us.

  • Well-lit and monitored hallways
      • When you leave your belongings with us, we make it easy to come back and visit. Our Chestermere self-storage facility has motion sensor lights in every hallway so that you can see with ease at any time of day. Our Chestermere self-storage facility is monitored by state-of-the-art technology and has motion sensor lights so you can visit with ease.

  • Climate-controlled units
      • If you’re storing important documents or keepsakes, our Chestermere self-storage units are equipped to protect those essential possessions year-round. Our climate-controlled storage units protect your possessions from heat, humidity, and winter’s cold. It’s easy to store old photos, antiques, family jewelry, or other sensitive items in our Chestermere facility.
  • Temperature – controlled and unheated units
      • If you’re storing important documents or keepsakes, our Chestermere self-storage units are equipped to protect those essential possessions. Simply choose between our unheated or temperature-controlled units based on your storage requirements.
  • Moving supplies & boxes
      • Our facility carries various moving boxes, along with other moving supplies like tape, packing paper, mattress covers, and furniture covers.

  • Storage unit variety
      • Our self-storage units come in a variety of sizes and even go all the way up to 10×20 units. The Chestermere self-storage facility offers both outdoor, drive-up units, and indoor, climate-controlled ones. No matter your storage preferences, our facility is equipped to securely store a wide range of possessions and belongings.

  • Vehicle storage
      • Searching for a safe place to store your additional family vehicle or antique car? Think of our indoor vehicle storage as your garage away from home. Our parking stalls are here to help secure your cars and free up valuable space in your driveway! These drive-up units are incredibly accessible, and depending on your personal needs, can be heated or unheated. Our indoor vehicle storage keeps your car in our facility year-round, so you can have peace of mind that your antique sports car or a family vehicle is protected until you need it again.

  • Indoor winter parking
      • If you’re someone who’s trying to keep your car protected from the winter cold, our indoor winter parking is ideal for your needs. Based on our unit occupancy, we have a select number of units available for winter vehicle storage, so your car can stay in a regulated environment during the harsher months of the year.

  • Outdoor vehicle parking
      • Our outdoor vehicle parking keeps your additional cars or recreational vehicles from taking up space at home. If you need a place to park your vehicle until you need it again, our outdoor vehicle parking lots are a great place to store your car until you’re ready to take it for a spin! It’s a convenient way to keep your driveway and garage accessible.

  • Outdoor RV parking
      • Instead of keeping your RV in your driveway, backyard, or parked on a side street, simplify RV storage by keeping your vehicle in our secure outdoor parking area. Our RV parking is designed to keep your vehicle safe until you’re ready for your next adventure.

  • Outdoor boat parking
      • Does your boat end up sitting parked in your driveway or backyard all winter long? At summer’s end, it’s hard to find a secure place to park your boat without it taking up valuable space around your home. With Bluebird’s outdoor boat parking, you can keep your boat safe during the off-season and regain your driveway or backyard.

  • Sani dump
      • Before storing your RV for winter, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your RV is clean and ready for storage? Well, when you choose to use our Chestermere storage facility, you have access to our sani-dump station! Now, you can safely dispose of your waste before storing your RV at our facility.

  • Large cargo area
      • Navigating the complexities of moving can be stressful, especially if you’re transporting large or bulky items. When it comes to moving storage in Chestermere we want your experience to be seamless – and it will be thanks to our large cargo area. Our cargo area is great for unloading your car, trailer, or moving truck and gives you easy access to your storage unit.

  • Ready to use boardroom
      • If you’re a business owner in need of meeting space, Bluebird has you covered! Our Chestermere office has a ready-to-use boardroom that can be reserved for free by tenants! Now, you can visit your unit and still conduct business as usual.

Store Your Stuff the Bluebird Way

As a part of the Bluebird Difference, our self-storage facility in Chestermere is designed to do the following:

  • Keep things safe
      • Whether you call it stuff, items, or keepsakes, your possessions are under our care. We do our best to keep them safe by using security cameras and keycode access panels throughout our facility.

  • Keep prices honest
      • At Bluebird, part of our philosophy is to be upfront about the cost of your storage unit. While other self-storage facilities start with incredible ‘introductory prices,’ these rates will only last for the first 3 to 6 months of your stay. We offer one transparent 365-day price point for all our clients after you select your storage unit.
      • In addition to our transparent pricing, we base our rates around one entire month of storage so that you won’t get a bill every 28 days.

  • Give customers a valuable experience
      • Once you pick your perfect self-storage unit, you can move in any time within two weeks of your rental, and you won’t pay a cent until your move-in date.
      • If you’re not satisfied within the first seven days of your Bluebird experience, we’ll give you a full refund.

We understand that moving and storage can be stressful at times, but when you choose to store at a Bluebird facility, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your lack of storage, the Bluebird Chestermere self-storage facility is happy to assist.

Pick the Self Storage Unit that Fits Your Needs

Our Chestermere storage facility offers a wide range of self-storage units, which means our team of professionals will find the best fit for your space.

Our Chestermere storage facility is perfect for:

  • Household Storage in Chestermere
      • Keepsakes, memorabilia, furniture, and other household items will stay safe—ideal for big moves and home renovations.

  • Business Storage in Chestermere
      • Whether your business is moving to a new office space, requires record storage, or needs a place to put extra merchandise, our units are ideal for business storage.

  • Moving Storage in Chestermere
      • Are you wondering where to put your belongings in between moves? Our storage units are ideal for any long-term and short-term storage.

Need help finding the right storage unit? Explore our Storage Unit Size Guide to identify the best unit size for your needs.

Find our Chestermere Self-Storage Facility at the North-West End

Our premium self-storage storage facility is well-positioned to provide a valuable self-storage experience to the neighborhoods of The Cove, Westmere, Rainbow Falls, Kinniburgh, and throughout Chestermere. The facility is well equipped for residential and business storage.

Whether you are looking for self-storage near you or a climate-controlled storage facility, our Chestermere location provides the space and value you need. While you move house, declutter, or organize your workspace, Bluebird Self Storage has your back.

Want to know more about our self-storage facility in Chestermere? Contact Bluebird Self Storage’s exceptional customer service team to learn more about our residential and commercial storage units.

Ready to tackle moving like the pros? The Pros Guide to Packing and Storage has all the tips, tricks, and protective ideas you need to master moving!

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Take a Virtual Tour of our Incredible Self Storage Facility in Chestermere, Alberta

Choosing where to store your personal belongings during a life change is a big decision. It can be challenging to manage moving and packing, let alone finding the time to tour a storage facility that fits your needs. That’s where our virtual tours come in! Each virtual tour above highlights our self-storage facilities’ location, amenities, technology, and unique features.

When you’re ready to take a tour, simply fill out the form to gain instant access. Then, you can sit back and enjoy your virtual tour! For more information, visit our storage facilities in person to find your perfect fit.

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