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Let's find a space to rent right now!

Customer opening the facility gate with a code
  • Rent Contact-free

    When you use Rent Now here on our website, no visit to our store office is needed. You'll get everything you need to go right to your space and move in your things - completely contact-free!

  • Complete the Agreement Online

    We have a few short forms for you to fill out. Grab your driver's license and proof of insurance coverage for your things, and you're ready to go. If you don't have insurance - don't worry, we have some options for you.

  • Make your Rental Payment

    Your rental agreement is month-to-month, so you will need to make a rental payment for your first month. Your rental begins right away! After, you can make future monthly payments here on our website.

  • Get Access & Move-in

    Once your rental is complete, you will get a personalized code to access the facility at keypads. Use our digital map for turn-by-turn directions to your storage unit!


When you rent your space online using Rent Now, the storage facility office does not need to be open for you to complete the rental. If you have a busy day ahead, you don't have to rush to get your rental done before our office closes for the day - use Rent Now and arrive when it's convenient for you. Need to make your move on a Sunday or a holiday when we're closed? We can help - that's why we offer Rent Now. You'll get access to the facility, directions to your space, and you'll find your space prepared with a lock to secure it after you move your things in.

We provide you a digital map that shows you exactly where your space is on the property grounds, turn by turn. If you are familiar with Google Driving Directions®, you'll have no trouble using our map. Also keep an eye out for signage that shows property maps and building numbers - they will help you find your way to your space.

You certainly can! But please be aware, when you use Rent Now, your rental starts right away. It's a great way to secure the space you need and have the peace of mind of knowing it will be ready when you are. If you would rather reserve a space for a future date, choose "Reserve" in the rental options for the space. When you reserve a space, you will need to come to the store office to complete the rental agreement.

We have your lock waiting for you inside the space! The storage unit is secured with a plastic seal, which you will need to tear away to open the space. Remove the lock from the packaging, and be sure to use the lock to secure your space before you leave. If you have a lock that you feel is secure enough for your belongings, you may use that lock. You may stop by our office to return the lock that is inside your space for a refund.