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Visit our Self Storage Facility in Truro

At Bluebird, we understand that moving can be incredibly tiresome. Instead of wondering where to store your possessions during moves, home renovations, or other major life events, wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep them in a clean, secure, and universal location? Well, now you can at our Bluebird Self Storage location in Truro. Our Truro self-storage facility is designed to protect and preserve your furniture, records, and other valuables you treasure. Whether you’re moving to a new home, changing business locations, or need a place to store all your family keepsakes, Bluebird Self Storage has your back.

Why Choose Self Storage in Truro

That’s why every aspect of our facility and service is built with the utmost integrity and intent. At Bluebird, our services go beyond ‘storing your stuff,’ because to us, IT’S NOT JUST YOUR STUFF – IT’S YOUR LIFE.™

We design every Bluebird location to be one of a kind, and our self-storage units in Truro are no exception! We do this by combining state of the art technology with convenient amenities, which include:

  • A modern interior
      • Our Truro facility isn’t like most standard self-storage units. Our facility has a bright, welcoming atmosphere, filled with everyday storage essentials to help you prepare or continue your moving and storage journey with us.
  • Well-lit and monitored hallways
      • When you leave your belongings with us, we make it easy to come back and visit. Our Truro self-storage facility has motion sensor lights in every hallway so that you can see with ease at any time of day.
  • Heated and unheated units
      • If you plan on storing essential documents, memorabilia, or family keepsakes, our Truro self-storage facility is fully equipped to protect your possessions. Our 218 heated storage units are optimal for fragile or valuable items, so you can rest easy when you choose to store at our Truro facility. Our buildings offer both in-floor heating and forced-air heating. However, if your belongings don’t require temperature control, we do have unheated units available.
      • For an additional layer of protection, one of our facility’s buildings has a top-of-the-line Venmar system. This Venmar system removes humidity while continuously exchanging the air inside our building for fresh air, so your items aren’t trapped in the same stale air day after day. This system is ideal for extreme temperatures and has a summer and winter setting. All you have to do is choose which climate-controlled unit you need based on your storage requirements.
  • Moving supplies & boxes
      • Our facility carries a variety of moving boxes, along with other moving supplies like tape, packing paper, mattress covers, and furniture covers.
  • Vehicle & boat storage
      • At our Truro facility, you can say goodbye to storing your extra vehicle or boat in the driveway! Our state of the art units provides a safe place to keep your car, work vehicle, or boat so that it won’t take up valuable space. If you need vehicle or boat storage in Truro, our facility has you covered.
  • Gated facility and individually alarmed units
      • Our Truro facility is completely gated and accessible 24/7 for your convenience. For additional peace of mind, our storage units are individually alarmed, so we can monitor your belongings any time of day.
  • Shelving units
      • If you need additional space in your unit, we have shelving units available to help keep things organized.
  • Sprinkler system
      • In case of an emergency, our facility is equipped with a high-tech sprinkler system.

Store Your Stuff the Bluebird Way

At our Truro location, everything we do is tailored towards your comfort, convenience, and safety. As a part of the Bluebird Difference, our self-storage facility in Truro is designed to do the following:

  • Keep things safe
      • Whether you call it stuff, items, or keepsakes, your possessions are under our care. We do our best to keep them safe by using security cameras and keycode access panels throughout our facility.

  • Keep prices honest
      • At Bluebird, part of our philosophy is to be upfront about the cost of your storage unit. While other self-storage facilities start with incredible ‘introductory prices,’ these rates will only last for the first 3 to 6 months of your stay. We offer one transparent 365-day price point for all our clients after you select your storage unit.
      • In addition to our transparent pricing, we base our rates around one entire month of storage, so you won’t get a bill every 28 days.

  • Give customers a valuable experience
      • Once you pick your perfect self-storage unit, you can move in any time within two weeks of your rental, and you won’t pay a cent until your move-in date.
      • If you’re not satisfied within the first seven days of your Bluebird experience, we’ll give you a full refund.

Moving, downsizing, and self-storage is a lot of work, but Bluebird is here to ensure it’s not overly complicated. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your lack of storage, the Bluebird Truro, Nova Scotia facility is here to assist.

Pick the Self Storage Unit that Fits Your Needs

Our Truro storage facility offers a wide range of units, which means our team of professionals will find the best fit for your space. Our Truro storage facility is perfect for:

  • Household Storage in Truro
      • Keepsakes, memorabilia, furniture, and other household items will stay safe—ideal for big moves and home renovations.

  • Business Storage in Truro
      • Whether your business is moving to a new office space, requires record storage, or needs a place to put extra merchandise, our units are ideal for business storage.

  • Moving Storage in Truro
      • Are you wondering where to put your belongings in between moves? Our moving storage units are ideal for any long-term or short-term storage.

Need help finding the right storage unit? Explore our Storage Unit Size Guide to identify the best unit size for your needs.

Discover our Truro Storage Facility

At our Bluebird Truro facility, we provide peace of mind by offering heated and unheated storage solutions. Any memorabilia or keepsakes will stay in pristine condition in our units. Plus, the moment you step foot onto our site, you’ll be greeted by our professional staff who can direct or assist you in any way possible.

Our Truro facility’s designed to enhance your storage experience, and in our eyes, that doesn’t begin once everything is packed away. We believe the move-in process should be simple as well. Instead of carrying box after box to your unit, our Truro facility offers additional moving amenities, like four-wheeled carts, a hydraulic platform for easy unloading, as well as a hydraulic lift jack. Like all Bluebird storage facilities, our Truro location has a top of the line security system and cameras on site. Our facility is gated but can be accessed by tenants before and after store hours.

Want to know more about our self-storage facility in Truro? Contact Bluebird Self Storage’s experienced customer service team to learn more about our residential and commercial storage units. Please come in, we would love to show you around the facility!

Ready to tackle moving like the pros? The Pros Guide to Packing and Storage has all the tips, tricks, and protective ideas you need to master moving!

Specials & Discounts At This Location

That’s right, refer a friend and get a $25 credit added to your account (some conditions apply, see store for details).

Rent a storage unit with Bluebird Self Storage and you may qualify for your 1st month rent free.

Customer service area inside self storage facility.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Incredible Self Storage Facility in Calgary, Alberta

Choosing where to store your personal belongings during a life change is a big decision. It can be challenging to manage moving and packing, let alone finding the time to tour a storage facility that fits your needs. That’s where our virtual tours come in! Each virtual tour above highlights our self-storage facilities’ location, amenities, technology, and unique features.

When you’re ready to take a tour, simply fill out the form to gain instant access. Then, you can sit back and enjoy your virtual tour! For more information, visit our storage facilities in person to find your perfect fit. 

Website Icons Easily Switch Sizes | Bluebird Self Storage

Easily Switch Sizes

Need a larger size? Don’t worry! If you’ve rented or reserved a unit online and realize that you need a different size, we’ll help you switch size quickly and easily.

Website Icons Full Month's Value | Bluebird Self Storage

Full Month’s Value

At Bluebird, we believe that every great relationship starts with honesty, and for us, honesty means providing you with a full month’s value of storage. Many self-storage facilities pull what’s called the ‘four-week sneak’, meaning they charge you on a four-week cycle instead of basing their rates on a full month. This means you’ll end up paying 13 times per year instead of 12 – that’s 8.33% more! At Bluebird, in addition to our locked-in rent prices, we base our rates on a full month’s service, not 28-day billing cycles. Here, you pay one price, once a month, for one year, because we value our customers. Your Bluebird experience includes valuable amenities and 100% transparent pricing from the start.

Website Icons 7 Day Risk Free Trial | Bluebird Self Storage

7 Day Risk Free Trial

Aren’t sure if we’re your perfect match? If you are not completely satisfied within seven days after moving in, we will refund 100% of your rent and administrative fees. Plus, we won’t force you to sign any long-term agreements so that you can up-size or down-size to the unit you need at any time. Here, what you see is what you pay for.

Website Icons No Rent Increase | Bluebird Self Storage

No Rent Increases For 365 Days

Too many storage facilities offer outrageously low introductory (teaser) rates, enticing customers to choose their facility, only to increase rent every 3-6 months. Many facilities offer these below market prices, just so they can secure the sale – but don’t actually plan on locking in these rates. These bait and switch tactics end up costing you more money in the long run, and in our eyes, that’s just downright dishonest and unfair.

At Bluebird, we value your dollar and your trust. Part of earning your trust means we keep our prices honest – that’s why we won’t raise your rent for at least 365 days from your move-in date. That’s right, you’ll have the same price for a full year’s worth of storage because that’s exactly what you signed up for! At Bluebird, we believe in being consistent with our pricing so you always know what to expect every month. Also, being upfront about our pricing is the right thing to do! With Bluebird, there’s no dupes, fine print, or miscommunication about pricing – you can count on your rent being consistent for a full 365 days. We don’t view you as a transaction, we view you as a valued relationship.

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