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No Guest Room? No Problem! Create the Perfect Guest Space in 4 Easy Steps

  • No Guest Room? No Problem! Create the Perfect Guest Space in 4 Easy Steps
    Tuesday, 11 December 2018

    The holidays are the perfect time to bring friends and family together. But what if you don't have a spare room for guests who plan to stay awhile? Before you send them to a hotel, try these quick tips to instantly create space for them in your home.

    Give a Good Night's Sleep

    The first thing your guests will need is a place to sleep. Don't relegate them to the couch or to your toddler's bed; invest in an air mattress instead. Modern air mattresses are just as comfortable as your own bed thanks to features like automatic inflation, extra height, and padded tops. And once your guests have gone, you can put the deflated mattress into a closet or into storage.

    Provide Privacy

    It's always difficult to stay in someone else's home, but you can make it easier for your guests by providing them with some extra privacy. If you're using part of a room or an area with no door, you can close off the entrance by hanging a curtain with a simple tension rod, or use a folding screen to section off a private area of the room.

    Give Them Space to Spread Out

    Once you've chosen the room or area where your guests will stay, you'll need to remove as much furniture and clutter as you can to create space for them to move around. They might have suitcases, some shopping bags, and other personal items to keep nearby. You should also clear part of a table or shelf so they'll have a place to keep things like glasses, jewelry and mobile devices each night before they go to bed.

    Put Away Your Personal Items

    Whether you're using a corner of your home office or part of your living room as the new guest space, be sure to remove any personal or breakable items. Box up private papers, and pack away any knick knacks that are extremely delicate or valuable. All of these items are best kept in your garage or in your storage unit until your guests leave.

    If you need to quickly make some room at home, contact us today. With convenient locations across the Greater Toronto Area, our clean, modern self storage units are the perfect solution for space-saving situations.

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