Take Back Your Garage with These Three Storage Tips

Take Back Your Garage with These Three Storage Tips

So, you have a garage, but can you actually park your car in it? If you're like many homeowners in Toronto, your garage is overflowing with clutter and you're stuck parking in the driveway every night. Before you throw your hands up and buy a car cover, try these three storage and organization tips to take your garage back for good.


Clear a path for your car

The sight of your crowded garage may be overwhelming, so don't worry about organizing every inch of it. Start by making a plan to clear a space for your car. Pull out large boxes, seasonal items, and other bulky things. Then sort through what can be sold, what can be donated, and what can be put in a storage unit. Remember, your garage is first and foremost a place for your car, and everything you get rid of or put in storage should be with that goal in mind.


Store bikes and other items up high

You'll probably still need to store some items in your garage, but they should be kept high up and out of the way so you can easily park your car. Bikes and other sports gear can be kept on vertical bike racks or suspended from sturdy hooks. Ladders, moving carts, lawn maintenance equipment and garden hoses can also be suspended or hung on the walls to help clear a path. Finally, use clear stacking drawers to keep small items organized and out of the way.


Put those projects to rest

Many people start on projects in their garage, and that's where they often end up for good. Are you repairing some vintage audio equipment? Rewiring some appliances? Painting a few planters for the spring? Take a hard look at your current projects and pull the plug on the ones that won't be done in the next several weeks. You can move these projects into storage, give some items away to friends, or sell or donate project supplies.


Your car is an investment, so why not protect it? At Bluebird Self Storage, you can choose from a wide selection of storage units at any of our convenient locations around the Greater Toronto Area. And with a little storage help, you'll have your garage back once again.

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