How to Keep Small Spaces Organized and Clutter-Free

How to Keep Small Spaces Organized and Clutter-Free

People love living in and around Toronto, but they don't always love the small condos and tiny apartments that come with city living. So, how can you make the most of a small living space without getting buried under clutter? Try these four easy organizing tips.


Use hidden storage and vertical spaces

Use every inch of hidden space to make your house more livable. Store extra clothes in under-bed storage containers to relieve the pressure on your overstuffed closet. And hang a rack on the inside of a pantry door to store small items like spices or canned food. Look for unused vertical spaces as well: the space on top of your fridge is perfect for seldom-used kitchen appliances or extra food.


Store items together by size and colour

If your small space looks cluttered, try organizing items by similar size and colour. This trick makes spaces seem visually streamlined and more organized. Whether it's your linens, your clothes, or your books, sort them by colour and size as you put them away. The same trick works for kitchen gadgets, knickknacks, and toys to make small spaces look less cluttered.


Purge and declutter often

When you live in a small space, you can't afford to keep extra items that you don't need. Do you really need a rice cooker, steamer, and Instant Pot? You can donate extra items, or sell your stuff online to make some extra cash. At the same time, follow the 'one thing in, one thing out' rule. For example, if you buy a new book, then get rid of one book you already own. This way, your home won't start to become cluttered again.


Rent a storage unit

Many people use storage units to get bulky or unused items out of their home and create more livable space. You can treat your storage unit as the extra storage room or garage you've always needed, and retrieve your things any time you need them. A storage unit gives you the flexibility to make space now, and decide what to do with your things later.


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