5 Essential Steps for Deep Cleaning Your Home

5 Essential Steps for Deep Cleaning Your Home

Let's face it: your home is never cleaner than the day you move in or as you get ready to sell it. At those times, you clean in places you normally don't worry about (behind the fridge, anyone?). Whether you're moving in, moving out, or you're inspired to tidy up in a big way, take a look at these five essential deep cleaning tasks to get your house ready to go.


Clear the Clutter

You don't want to move a bunch of items you'll continue to never use. Anytime is a good time to clear out your closet, and that goes double if you're getting ready to move. First, sell, donate, or throw away clothes that don't fit or that you never wear. Get rid of duplicates. (You probably won't use 10 vases.) Next, put anything seasonal or that you only use on occasion into self storage. That way, it's there when you need it, but you don't have to make room for it in your new home.


Wash Windows and Shades

Clean the glass, yes, as well as the tracks and the screens, but you've got to do those darn blinds, too! Dust accumulates quickly on blinds and draperies, and it can create a dark and dreary appearance at what should be the brightest part of your home! Make sure each slat of those blinds are shining as brightly as the sunlight that peeks through.


Wipe the Walls

Again, months of dust and grime accumulate to dull the walls. If you look closely, you might find scuff marks, smudges, and splashes that can be wiped off fairly easily, though it could be time-consuming.


Clean the Carpet

Start with the vacuum, and then shampoo it or hire a professional cleaner to do so. This helps your home smell fresher and look brighter, too. If you're just moving in to a home, you have no idea what that carpet has been subject to: pets, spills, dirt, and more. Giving it a thorough cleaning when you arrive gives you peace of mind as you settle in.


Tackle the Garage

For many of us, the garage serves as a giant storage closet, and we couldn't dust those shelves if we tried! But a clean, tidy garage is part of what gives the potential buyer a good first impression of your home. This is another opportunity to get rid of objects that you don't use, and to store seasonal items like the lawnmower, grill, or snowblower.


If this all seems overwhelming, hire a professional cleaning service. They'll clean more thoroughly than you would want to, and it'll save you a lot of time. It'll definitely be worth it to impress potential buyers or to move in to a home you know is perfectly clean.


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