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How to Declutter Your New Home After You Move In

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    Monday, 01 October 2018

    Sometimes, the worst part about moving into a new house or apartment in Toronto is being surrounded by clutter and mess for months to come. Usually, not everything fits into your new space. And often, toys and books can't be put away until furniture is delivered or assembled. Don't let post-moving chaos take over your home. Here are three easy ways to organize your new space.

    Get Rid of Empty Boxes

    Boxes take up precious space, and they're a constant visual reminder of the mess you have to deal with. Start by flattening and recycling empty boxes as soon as you unpack them. But when it comes to special boxes for your TV, your computer, or any fragile items, make sure to save these in your basement or storage unit. You'll be glad you saved them the next time you have to pack or move those items.

    Get Creative with Your Storage

    If your new home has less storage space, then you really need to get creative. Use a vertical bike rack to get your bikes off the floor. If you don't have room for all your books, place small stacks of paperbacks behind larger books on each shelf. Use hanging racks or hooks inside cabinet doors to store things like oven mitts and cleaning brushes. And put stuffed animals and other soft toys into a large, mesh laundry bag to keep them in one place.

    Don't Unpack What You Can't Put Away

    If you're moving into a smaller space, the last thing you want to do is try to cram too much stuff into your new home. One option is to sell or donate things like extra furniture, guest bedroom sets, and old books or toys, or give them away to your friends and relatives. But perhaps the easiest and least stressful solution is to place these items in a storage unit. That way you can really decorate and spread out in your new space. Over time, you can decide what to do with the extra items that didn't fit.

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