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Bluebird Self Storage Reviews Toronto

  • "Great Team. Supportive. Website has great moving tips - suggest handing out this guideline form for new renters. Would like to see more moving carts at the property. Would like to see a discount for long term storage renters."

    Angela - 27 Sep 2019

  • "We have had past experience with storage units and bluebird was very welcoming and informative"

    Nick - 26 Sep 2019

  • "The front line staff have always been friendly and helpful every time I have gone it. Always a pleasure"

    Sharon - 26 Sep 2019

  • "Im not a 100% certain but is it Monica, either way your female manager she's the reason why your place is as good as it is not cause of any other employee only cause of her thats a fact she's awesome and great and looks out for the customer as much as the company. I hope you dont ever loose her cause else looks out for the customers needs. Also makes sure the rates are fair and right and thats a big one for me is the price of my unit, costs, etc and that is affordable."

    Grace - 26 Sep 2019

  • "Both Andras and Michal provided truly outstanding customer service. They thoroughly answered all of our questions and were knowledgeable courteous and professional Thanks to them we have recommended this location to several friends and family members"

    Monique - 26 Sep 2019

  • "The team at my location are the best, always willing to help and very professionals and knowledgeable. Thank you"

    Carlos - 26 Sep 2019

  • "Quite happy with the service and staff Place is well take care . Any time I can,I will recommend ."

    Marlene - 25 Sep 2019

  • "Well done"

    Dzianis - 23 Sep 2019

  • "Michael was so helpful."

    Karen - 23 Sep 2019

  • "I would like to thank Marina for her personal approach and attentiveness to the clients! :)"

    Anna - 23 Sep 2019

  • "The location at Weston and Major Mack is awesome and your guy in there is the best!"

    Greg - 27 Aug 2019

  • "Overall it was a positive experience Andras Kajari was excellent and informative and very willing to help. The unit is clean and tidy. i would highly recommend Bluebird Storage to my friends."

    Phylis - 26 Aug 2019

  • "The staff are always super friendly."

    Michael - 26 Aug 2019

  • "The office manager was extremely polite and very helpful. Best customer service in a long time."

    Nadir - 31 Jul 2019


    Antonella - 30 Jul 2019

  • "It's a very nicely designed facility. The only glitch was that we couldn't open the secondary entry door. Consequently, one of us had to remain inside the building or reenter the pass code. It WAS explained how it worked, but when I moved in, I couldn't remember how to open it."

    Geoff - 30 Jul 2019

  • "Max and Tam are the best?? I will be recommending their services to my friends and family."

    Vindra - 26 Jul 2019

  • "The staff here are very helpful and respectful, thanks again"

    Victor - 24 Jul 2019

  • "Thank you."

    John - 23 Jul 2019

  • "Marianne at the front desk exceeded my expectations.She was prompt to solve my issues, she handled professionally and put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable, confident, helpful, polite and courteous. I commend her for professional services. I believe, she is an asset to your business."

    Perminder - 11 Jul 2019

  • "Very clean; very safe; great customer support. I got a call from staff when I did not lock my locker correctly and that was very much appreciated."

    Bruce - 27 Jun 2019

  • "Great customers service! Thank you guy having you around my aria. My pleasure to be your customer."

    Tania - 26 Jun 2019

  • "Nothing in particular"

    Aseervatham - 24 Jun 2019

  • "Everything is great but it would be nice if dollys were available for client use. Thanks."

    Anthonia - 30 May 2019

  • "So far it looks good but you haven't been here long enough to really know you well."

    Raymond - 30 May 2019

  • "I was surprised with the lack of signs to navigate the storage facility or even painted stripes on the floor. I didn't see on single sign for a washroom or a way back to the office…"

    Julia - 29 May 2019

  • "It is frustrating that on Sundays when the office is closed that there are no flatbed carts available to be used."

    Mark - 29 May 2019

  • "I have no complaints from my years as your customer. Thank you!"

    Maurice - 29 May 2019

  • "Great experience!"

    Maureen - 26 Apr 2019

  • "The staff at city view bluebird are great awesome people"

    Giuseppe - 26 Apr 2019

  • "First class operation .I will use again in the future and recommend to others."

    Victor - 23 Apr 2019

  • "Great, clean and well kept facility with fantastic rates, promos and customer service."

    Alexandra - 23 Apr 2019

  • "Excellent Service, Sad To Be Leaving FOR NOW!!"

    Edward - 23 Apr 2019

  • "As a custmer whenever I like going there to make my payment in person. I am always greeted and have the help of onsite staff everytime.If there were any question about anything I would ask and or they would ask is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Jones? Hey I like that."

    Denny - 20 Apr 2019

  • "Sorry for the delay in taking this survey. I have been unable to access my emails. Trust you know that I was very happy with the service etc."

    Susan - 17 Apr 2019

  • "I was thinking your company can offer 24 hour access like a few self storage facilities."

    Junior - 3 Apr 2019

  • "this was a new location and not all of the facility was operational. However, I received excellent value for my money."

    Robert - 1 Apr 2019

  • "very personable and incredibly clean visually and smells especially when comparing with other storage facilities. Great job"

    Francis - 29 Mar 2019

  • "I have recommended your storage to friends and relatives. They have shared they have received the same polite and friendly service that I have experienced."

    Karen - 29 Mar 2019

  • "big thing for me--- i always feel safe going there any time ..... great lighting and the proper security measures entering and exiting.... :)"

    Bohdan - 29 Mar 2019

  • "Sometime there isn’t enough dolleys. And when receiving doors aren’t operating, took some time to get repaired Overall very happy. And impressed with cleanliness and storage units"

    Toni - 27 Mar 2019

  • "The facility is clean and they are on top of repairs. The make the lockers feel safe. It is a good environment and a very secured facility."

    Anna - 27 Mar 2019

  • "Well.... the facility on Lakeshore in Mississauga is now quite large. I know of at least 3 doors/platforms for loading/unloading. However... there do not seem to be enough dollies to go around. I know they are sometime in use, but other times I go in one entrance and have to check the other entrances to find a dolly. Maybe you could have a few more"

    Andrew - 27 Mar 2019

  • "Made a process I was not familiar with easy"

    Robert - 27 Mar 2019

  • "Please fix broken door and now you need more carts with expansion I always have an issue finding one. Always people using more then one or leaving it outside loading dock area."

    Brian - 26 Mar 2019

  • "The only reason we closed the parking space is because Dominic passed away. I have 2 units right now that I'm renting. I am very happy with the service from Marina at the Lakshore location. Marylou Gravina"

    Domenic - 23 Mar 2019

  • "Special thanks to Marina, very professional, helpful and friendly. It was pleasure to deal with her. Gabriela"

    Gabriela - 23 Mar 2019

  • "It would be nice to do direct debit payments from a bank with my rental. I know I can pay with credit card; BUT .. it's not how I pay my mthly amt."

    Joan - 22 Mar 2019

  • "The only thing i can think of off the top of my head right now is that i just wish it was a bit closer to where i live, but it's only 1 bus ride to get there :)"

    Kathy - 20 Mar 2019

  • "Marina is exceptional in customer service"

    Paul - 18 Feb 2019

  • "keep up the great work"

    Domenic - 17 Feb 2019

  • "Very professional Very convenient Always neat A few more trollies would be great"

    Silvana - 19 Jan 2019

  • "I found the staff to be lovely...answered all my questions...very helpful the day I moved in...have been great to deal your place is so clean...and smells nice..."

    Yolande Monica - 17 Jan 2019

  • "Very easy to register. Clean facility. Great access hours and office hours during summer time. Would recommend to a friend and family member."

    Anonymous - 3 Jul 2018

  • "This storage facility is new, spotless and the employees are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Bluebird."

    Rochelle M. - 13 Apr 2018

  • "Highly recommended. Most modern and cleanest self-storage business I've ever seen. Great staff, too!"

    Mary M. - 4 Jan 2018

  • "Love this new facility and the staff is so amazing!!! Bluebird is much nicer than any other storage facility I've ever seen."

    Rachel S. - 3 May 2017

  • "AWESOME!!! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Will certainly recommend to family and friends!"

    Debbie M. - 1 May 2017

  • "I've had the best experience. The property is new, clean and the manager was so helpful. I love having a unit with them."

    Janet - 1 May 2017

  • "Excellent service. Clean, new facility. Easy parking. And it's not crazy busy, so you can get in and out fast."

    Tim Godfrey - 29 Apr 2017

  • "I moved all of my business storage here from another Mississauga storage facility last month. SO glad I made the move, as I have to visit my units two or three times a week. Very modern, clean, and safe feeling. Bluebird is the best, by far. The manager Marina is fantastic, too!"

    Sylvie - 27 Apr 2017

  • "This is by far the nicest self-storage facility I've ever seen. Very convenient and easy to rent here. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, too."

    Ericson - 27 Apr 2017

  • "Simple to rent here and make payments online. This is the NICEST self storage company I've ever seen! The manager is really fantastic, too!"

    Falguni - 11 Jan 2017

  • "I loved how convenient it was to rent and to pay online! This Bluebird location is brand new, clean, bright, safe feeling -- everything I was looking for."

    Alicia - 14 Nov 2016

  • "Nice to have in our neighborhood."

    Joe - 7 Nov 2016

  • "Wow, this is the nicest self-storage facility! I had to move from an older and run down facility nearby. With my business, I need to visit my unit once a week. This place is so modern and clean. Really helpful manager, too!"

    Anonymous - 7 Nov 2016

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