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Bluebird Self Storage Reviews Toronto

  • "Great experience!"

    Maureen - 26 Apr 2019

  • "The staff at city view bluebird are great awesome people"

    Giuseppe - 26 Apr 2019

  • "First class operation .I will use again in the future and recommend to others."

    Victor - 23 Apr 2019

  • "Great, clean and well kept facility with fantastic rates, promos and customer service."

    Alexandra - 23 Apr 2019

  • "Excellent Service, Sad To Be Leaving FOR NOW!!"

    Edward - 23 Apr 2019

  • "As a custmer whenever I like going there to make my payment in person. I am always greeted and have the help of onsite staff everytime.If there were any question about anything I would ask and or they would ask is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Jones? Hey I like that."

    Denny - 20 Apr 2019

  • "Sorry for the delay in taking this survey. I have been unable to access my emails. Trust you know that I was very happy with the service etc."

    Susan - 17 Apr 2019

  • "I was thinking your company can offer 24 hour access like a few self storage facilities."

    Junior - 3 Apr 2019

  • "this was a new location and not all of the facility was operational. However, I received excellent value for my money."

    Robert - 1 Apr 2019

  • "very personable and incredibly clean visually and smells especially when comparing with other storage facilities. Great job"

    Francis - 29 Mar 2019

  • "I have recommended your storage to friends and relatives. They have shared they have received the same polite and friendly service that I have experienced."

    Karen - 29 Mar 2019

  • "big thing for me--- i always feel safe going there any time ..... great lighting and the proper security measures entering and exiting.... :)"

    Bohdan - 29 Mar 2019

  • "Sometime there isn’t enough dolleys. And when receiving doors aren’t operating, took some time to get repaired Overall very happy. And impressed with cleanliness and storage units"

    Toni - 27 Mar 2019

  • "The facility is clean and they are on top of repairs. The make the lockers feel safe. It is a good environment and a very secured facility."

    Anna - 27 Mar 2019

  • "Well.... the facility on Lakeshore in Mississauga is now quite large. I know of at least 3 doors/platforms for loading/unloading. However... there do not seem to be enough dollies to go around. I know they are sometime in use, but other times I go in one entrance and have to check the other entrances to find a dolly. Maybe you could have a few more"

    Andrew - 27 Mar 2019

  • "Made a process I was not familiar with easy"

    Robert - 27 Mar 2019

  • "Please fix broken door and now you need more carts with expansion I always have an issue finding one. Always people using more then one or leaving it outside loading dock area."

    Brian - 26 Mar 2019

  • "The only reason we closed the parking space is because Dominic passed away. I have 2 units right now that I'm renting. I am very happy with the service from Marina at the Lakshore location. Marylou Gravina"

    Domenic - 23 Mar 2019

  • "Special thanks to Marina, very professional, helpful and friendly. It was pleasure to deal with her. Gabriela"

    Gabriela - 23 Mar 2019

  • "It would be nice to do direct debit payments from a bank with my rental. I know I can pay with credit card; BUT .. it's not how I pay my mthly amt."

    Joan - 22 Mar 2019

  • "The only thing i can think of off the top of my head right now is that i just wish it was a bit closer to where i live, but it's only 1 bus ride to get there :)"

    Kathy - 20 Mar 2019

  • "Marina is exceptional in customer service"

    Paul - 18 Feb 2019

  • "keep up the great work"

    Domenic - 17 Feb 2019

  • "Very professional Very convenient Always neat A few more trollies would be great"

    Silvana - 19 Jan 2019

  • "I found the staff to be lovely...answered all my questions...very helpful the day I moved in...have been great to deal your place is so clean...and smells nice..."

    Yolande Monica - 17 Jan 2019

  • "Very easy to register. Clean facility. Great access hours and office hours during summer time. Would recommend to a friend and family member."

    Anonymous - 3 Jul 2018

  • "This storage facility is new, spotless and the employees are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Bluebird."

    Rochelle M. - 13 Apr 2018

  • "Highly recommended. Most modern and cleanest self-storage business I've ever seen. Great staff, too!"

    Mary M. - 4 Jan 2018

  • "Love this new facility and the staff is so amazing!!! Bluebird is much nicer than any other storage facility I've ever seen."

    Rachel S. - 3 May 2017

  • "AWESOME!!! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Will certainly recommend to family and friends!"

    Debbie M. - 1 May 2017

  • "I've had the best experience. The property is new, clean and the manager was so helpful. I love having a unit with them."

    Janet - 1 May 2017

  • "Excellent service. Clean, new facility. Easy parking. And it's not crazy busy, so you can get in and out fast."

    Tim Godfrey - 29 Apr 2017

  • "I moved all of my business storage here from another Mississauga storage facility last month. SO glad I made the move, as I have to visit my units two or three times a week. Very modern, clean, and safe feeling. Bluebird is the best, by far. The manager Marina is fantastic, too!"

    Sylvie - 27 Apr 2017

  • "This is by far the nicest self-storage facility I've ever seen. Very convenient and easy to rent here. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, too."

    Ericson - 27 Apr 2017

  • "Simple to rent here and make payments online. This is the NICEST self storage company I've ever seen! The manager is really fantastic, too!"

    Falguni - 11 Jan 2017

  • "I loved how convenient it was to rent and to pay online! This Bluebird location is brand new, clean, bright, safe feeling -- everything I was looking for."

    Alicia - 14 Nov 2016

  • "Nice to have in our neighborhood."

    Joe - 7 Nov 2016

  • "Wow, this is the nicest self-storage facility! I had to move from an older and run down facility nearby. With my business, I need to visit my unit once a week. This place is so modern and clean. Really helpful manager, too!"

    Anonymous - 7 Nov 2016

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